For quite a while I’ve been stalking the Peach and Lily website for an incentive to make an online purchase (and now I’m sharing a $10 discount off your $50+ order in my post below). If you’ve ever shopped online around for Korean/Asian Beauty products, you’ll notice that there’s almost always an obnoxious flashy ad banner with a timed special deal or a 1+1 (BOGO) offer to convert a browser into a paying customer. But Peach and Lily is not your typical etailer.

About Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily curates the best brands and products from all over Korea and Japan that use natural ingredients. They are changing the way we access, discover and shop for Asian beauty by providing us an informational and guided shopping experience. Asian beauty products are almost 12 years ahead of skincare innovation than USA-made products and with the industry always 10 steps ahead, it’s hard to keep up with that’s new after snail slime or dragon’s blood. There are less restrictions using new or “weird” ingredients and Asian women are more open to experimentation (if a product does what it claims).

They are introducing brands that haven’t yet entered the American market which differentiates them greatly from other competitors in my opinion. Taking a look at their “Brands” tab, I did not recognize 75% of the brands they carried (Cremorlab, MAY COOP, Shangpree, UKA, Aromatica, etc). In order to stand out in this growing niche market, Peach and Lily is determined the provide products and services that no body else can.

I had actually responded to a call for an internship position two months ago in NYC and got a chance to meet with their team to chat about the position (and I could’ve stayed to gab for HOURS).  Founder and CEO, Alicia Yoon, had told me that Korean women don’t even know where to buy Cremorlab locally. As someone who is near the end of the customer life cycle with Tony Moly/Etude House/Holika Holika/[insert youthful brands meant for 20-year-olds], this was music to my ears.

My interest piqued even more.

Tony Moly, Etude House, etc are accessible online at competitive prices and I’m starting to get bored with these now-popular brands in the USA. I’m also a customer who is starting to have “more mature” skin and seek quality ingredients that would take care of my next level of skincare needs. There are a lot of new Asian Beauty etailers coming into the field but they seem to target the same customer (18 – 28, new to Asian Beauty, ultra-trendy, low to mid-price range spending habits). I’ve grown out of this customer base and with Peach and Lily, they answer my need to discover new exciting brands (even for a veteran kbeauty addict) that are age appropriate and have outstanding quality. 

The Summer Sale – Special Prices Until 5/31 at midnight ET.

I never got that internship by the way (because I was overqualified), but the company and its products still have a spell on me. Their Facebook page posted a Summer Sale and this will be my first order with them! It’s FREE SHIPPING with orders OVER $50. I suggest liking their page and clicking on the “Get Notifications” tab on the Liked box to make sure their posts are highlighted in your news feed so you won’t miss out on any other upcoming news.

The sale is summer themed so think organic aloe vera gel (there’s a rose version too), sun screen, cooling sheet masks and lots of facial mists. I got 1) two Cremorlab facial mists because I was looking for one in an aerosol can that will spray a micro fine mist – the mini 50ml one for my bag and the 100ml that will stay at home. 2) A bunch of Cremorlab masks since you can’t buy them anywhere else except at Peach and Lily. 3) Finally a Tony Moly Lip Mask because $3 is actually a good price. I had asked a question on their website about the facial mist (if it’s in a pressurized can or not) and they got back to me within 30 mins!

Cremorlab by the way, is known for their exclusive rights to “T.E.N” thermal water, a rare and mineral-rich water from Geumjin, a special region in Korea. “T.E.N. stands for Thermal water therapy, Eco-energy, and Natural nourishment. Famous for its richness in minerals, T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab’s products that focus on the hydration and health of your skin.” So it was a no-brainer to get Cremorlab’s facial mists! Check out their official brand site here.

  • Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch – Sale $3 (orig $4)
  • Cremorlab Hydro Plus Aqua Tank Water-full Mask – Sale $8 (orig $12)
  • Cremorlab White Bloom Triple Bright Floral Mask – Sale $4 (orig $6)
  • Cremorlab Hydro Plus Snow Falls Essential Mist, 100ml – Sale $14 (orig $18)
  • Cremorlab Mineral Water Mist, 50ml – Sale $9 (orig $12)

$10 Discount on Orders Above $50

They have a discount going on now for new customers, click on my referral link below in order to get your $10 discount on orders above $50! You’ll need to put in your email address in order to get the discount code. I think it should work with this Summer Sale. Offer expires June 12, 2015. And to be completely transparent, I also get $10 on my next order above $50 if you buy through my link but I bought this order without an incentive code – that’s how much I wanted to try Cremorlab!


Did you buy anything from their Summer Sale? Do you think Peach and Lily is for you? Share your thoughts below!