Unboxing June 3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) Box

Unboxing June 3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) Box

Woohoo! Right off the bat I’ll tell you that I really like all the items in the June 3b bag. 3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) is a new Asian Beauty subscription service like an Asian version of Birchbox since all skincare and cosmetics are from Asia. The service to try deluxe size samples costs only $12 a month! At this moment I believe they are only shipping to the USA and there still seems to be a wait list that they are trying to make a dent into. So if you’re interested in trying this out for a cool $12 go to the3bbox.com for more info. Click below the full review!

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag

Let’s dive in to see why I like this month’s bag more than the May bag.

A’PIEU Finger Blusher in CR02

My first favorite is the A’PIEU Finger Blusher in CR02 (coral). This was the spoiler they released and I was already excited knowing that it was on its way to me. It’s not that I need another blusher but I just like the fact that I barely have anything from the brand A’PIEU. A’PIEU is actually Missha’s younger sub-brand aimed to girls in their early twenities and launched around 2011. I use a tinted lip balm that I love and would definitely repurchase once it runs out. My biggest gripe with these subscription services is getting something that I already have or got over but this is a basic cream blusher that’s blendable, in a nice flattering shade and comes in a sleek black squeeze tube.

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag A'pieu finger blusher CR02 CoralI did a swatch here. People with darker complexions will have a hard time for it to show as it’s pretty sheer. You would need to set this powder or it will wear off throughout the day. The 3b info card recommend that you apply a pea-size amount and apply with fingers or a flat-top stippling brush.

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag A'pieu finger blusher CR02 Coral

A’PIEU Finger Blusher in CR02 (Coral)

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit in W13

The 3B info card describes what a BB Cream is “BB creams are short for “blemish balm” and offer hydration, coverage, and sun protection in one. This Etude House BB cream moisturizes, soothes, and covers any skin blemishes. Start with a small amount and layer for increased coverage.”

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag etude house bb cream perfect fit W13

I have to say that I’ve had my eye on getting a Etude House BB cream for SO LONG. I’ve been using the Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream for the last 3 years and I’m on my last tube. A problem with stocking up is that you’re locked in with using up what you already bought before trying out new products. So I will finally get out of my BB cream jail and be able to use other brands soon so this deluxe size sample couldn’t have come at a better time where I can “cheat” and try out this Perfect Fit version.

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag etude house bb cream perfect fit W13

What the card didn’t include is info on what the Etude House Perfect Fit version is different from the other BB creams in their line. The complete line includes Perfect Fit, Bright Fit, Blooming Fit and Cotton Fit.

I looked up a comparison blog post to see if anyone tried comparing all the types together and this one is pretty good at telling you the coverage, finish and skin type its best suited for and these two did a good job in breaking down the differences:
1. https://aikolynn13.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/comparison-etude-house-precious-mineral-bb-creams/
2. http://www.theoutletofmyconsciousness.com/etude-house-bb-creams-comparison/

The Perfect Fit would suit me for my normal/dry skin and I like how it’s medium to full coverage. The shade is “W13” and that’s usually what I would go for but all the BB creams are a little different depending on what line you get. I circled where you can check which shade you got in my picture since it’s hard to tell on the small tube. Love how it has SPF 30 and PA++ which is average sun protection.

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag etude house bb cream perfect fit W13

Skinfood Argan Oil Hair Conditioner

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag skinfood argan oil hair conditioner

3b’s card says that “this miracle conditioner contains nourishing argan oil and silk to transform dry, overly processed damaged hair into healthy and shiny tresses.” I’m skeptical with how this will really perform because I can’t tell how great this product is without an ingredients list or more information on the concentration of their star ingredients.

I’ll be using this deluxe sample immediately and see if I can see a difference. I found this partial list of ingredients on KoreaDepart which looks great:

Argan tree kernel oil (780mg), Hydrolyzed silk (8,775mg), Macadamia seed oil, olive oil, cranberry extract, raspberry extract, asparagus stem extract, assai extract, strawberry extract, spinach extract, alfalfa extract, broccoli extract

Edit: I finished the entire bottle and it didn’t make any exceptional difference in my hair. It’s like any regular conditioner that I can get in the United States. Will not be repurchasing.

It’s Skin Mangowhite Lip & Eye Remover Tissue

June 3b Beauty Beyond Borders bag It's skin mangowhite lip and eye tissue remover

“Fresh mangosteen extract, green tea extract, orange extract olive oil, and argan oil all combine in this gentle makeup removing wipe to take off your eye and lip makeup at the end of a long day. Even the toughest waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance against these wipes! Follow up with a facial cleanser.” 

IMG_5263 copy

Really, it even removes waterproof mascara?! I usually don’t use facial wipes because I don’t think it really removes ALL of my makeup, especially waterproof. I don’t even take trust that one cleanser will do the job all at once so I double cleanse with a cleansing oil and then follow-up with another cleanser then use a toner and start the rest of my routine. I will try this to see if it can remove my favorite Maybelline mascaras after a hard night. This is a fairly nice sized deluxe sample with 15 wipes/80 ml of product.


I like this June bag so much better than the May bag. I feel like I will use everything here and it was a good value for only $12. I can start using everything immediately and have fun sampling things before committing to a full size product (ahem BB cream come to mama!).

I think subscribing to 3b is great for someone who:
– Wants to start sampling Asian Beauty (Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese beauty) in an affordable way
– Wants to slowly build up a skincare routine that will work for them
– Wants to try out new makeup looks and products
– Wants experts to curate the best that Asia is offering and have it delivered to your door
– Doesn’t have time to sift through tons of online reviews and feels overwhelmed with too many options.

I DON’T think this is good for someone who:
– Is past the age of 35 (arbitrary number but someone who is in the older demographic who’s skincare needs lean towards anti-aging)
– Already has a buttload of Korean Beauty products
– Doesn’t like surprises
– Doesn’t want to try anything new or too picky with products
– Is NOT a beginner in the Asian Beauty world
– Has ultra sensitive skin (too much risk in getting a lot of products that will flair up a reaction)

I hope this helps you decide if you should pull the trigger and sign up for the 3b list. I’m still testing this subscription out because I’m almost on the list for someone this may not be good for (I have too much kbeauty stuff and I don’t consider myself a beginner anymore) but I do like sampling new products and this won’t break the bank. Did you get the bag this month? Did you like it?