I was right when I said that TonyMoly is out to take over America! TonyMoly stores have been multiplying here in New York City and another one opened in Chinatown, New York City. This new location is on a more obscure street of Chinatown where locals go to food shop, bank and run errands. It looks like it will open sometime this month as I was able to see products being stocked on shelves and they are still hiring sales associates who speak Chinese and English. Click to see my spy pictures of the new location on East Broadway! 

Tony Moly 61 E. Broadway Chinatown
Tony Moly on 61 E. Broadway, New York, NY 10002

Address: TonyMoly, 61 E. Broadway, New York, NY 10002


I’ve added this location to my Chinatown K-beauty Shopping Guide although I would suggest going to the Flagship location in Ktown over anything since the Flagship carries current products that these other franchises might not.

Official TonyMoly door handles!
Want ad looking for Chinese and English speaking sales associates

I feel like this location will be geared towards Chinatown/New York locals because of its non-touristy location. As a local myself, East Broadway is the street I would go to study because the New York Public Library and stationery store was there (flashback to colored gel pens and kawaii pen pal sets!). My mom would grocery shop for everything while we walked home after school and yes, you will smell fish and dodge fruit that accidentally rolled out of their cardboard boxes.

I’m a little desensitized to TonyMoly store openings now since there are now three locations in Manhattan and one in Flushing, Queens. The Ktown Flagship opening was the peak for me and I regularly go in to check out any store specials or new products. I won’t be surprised anymore if there are new TonyMoly stores cropping up in other urban cities since the Korean Wave “hallyu” is coming in strong here! Bring it!

What other Korean brand would you like to see open in your city? Have any new stores opened up recently in your block and do they give locals a reason to keep stopping in?