I Turned 30 Years Old and it ROCKS!

I Turned 30 Years Old and it ROCKS!

Last week was my 30th birthday!

Turning 30 is certainly a milestone that represents a lot of things to a lot people but to me, it represents maturity, wisdom, and adventure. Your life doesn’t end at 30(!) in fact there’s so much more to do now that I have more money than when I did when in my twenties and gained a lot more experience about things in general. The adventure comes in because there’s still MORE to do and accomplish. There’s still a lot MORE that I don’t know. There’s still so much I can do to define my the rest of my life. The small steps towards the life I want should be present in every.single.day. that I’m still alive.



Opportunity is Everywhere

30 comes to me at very opportunistic time of my life because I’m in between jobs, I have a very loving, sweet live-in boyfriend and I started this new thing that I call a blog. Turning 30 (or any milestone age) is an automatic marker for me to reflect upon what’s been going on and where I want to go to. We often forget that we MAKE our own opportunities and the “luckiest” people who are living their dreams actually made that luck occur more easily.

It’s time to interrupt what hasn’t been working in order to have the life I envision. 2015 has been a very tumultuous year and this is where I start to do things differently because I’m not where I want to be – working in beauty marketing.

Wishing (and working really hard) for that dream job...

Wishing (and working really hard) for that dream job…

Why I Started Blogging

There’s a saying that I’m committing to live by, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

This blog was one of the first things I conceived in order to get myself closer to my dream job after I was laid off from my marketing business partner role last November. I had worked in financial services for over eight years and without “prior beauty experience” it’s difficult to stand out above the sea of resumes who want the same job just as much (or less) than you do. After months of fruitless labor I decided that if there’s no job out there for me, then I’ll create it.

I built and live in my own “cosmetic village” because I released the flood gates and surrendered to my kbeauty obsession. Everyday I read, share and learn more about Asian Beauty (a little too obsessively) with other social media community members. In short, beauty is my therapy. The passion and love for beauty grew so much that it shaped itself into a form of a blog with Instagram and Facebook as it’s arms and legs and now it’s a moving and growing creature that I’m trying to domesticate. I did it! It’s ALIVE!


In it for the Long Haul

Nobody ever said going after your dreams was going to be easy. It’s bold, daring and even risk-taking. This is the “adventure” part I was talking about. Transitioning careers is difficult the older you are but I rather try and try again than not go after it at all. This blog is to remind myself to keep going after it.

I’m still applying to jobs on a routine basis while writing for this blog, networking and learning Google Analytics, SEO writing and reader/customer engagement on my own to keep my skills sharp. It’s been a thrilling ride so far and I know there’s so much more to come as I’m just getting started! This will be a launching pad for something greater and bigger!

Thank you for your readership thus far!

Thank you for your readership thus far!

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