Event: SK-II 2015 Pop-Up Studio in New York City

Event: SK-II 2015 Pop-Up Studio in New York City

SK-II is hosting a Pop-Up Studio in New York City’s SoHo area again from Oct. 3 – Oct 31, 2015. SK-II is launching a new Change Destiny campaign with movie star and spokeswoman, Cate Blanchett. The campaign is really inspiring because changing your destiny is applicable in all areas of your life (something I’m actively doing right now with my career). In terms of your skin destiny, SK-II is empowering women with the knowledge that you can shift the age of your age now. We have the power to reverse the damage, dark spots and wrinkles of your skin if you choose to. The direction of destiny is in our choice to commit to the process and to be educated in the endless amount of options out there. This can all be fun instead of overwhelming, as well as addicting! Click on to see my pop-up studio experience (free goodies, more info and eye candy galore!).


Address, Opening Times and Website

SK-II Pop-Up Studio
470 Broome St. (b/t Wooster & Greene St)
New York, NY 10013

Mondays – Sundays 10AM- 7PM   |   LAST DAY: Oct. 31, 2015

Website: SK-II Pop-Up Studio Info in NYC

The location is conveniently located in SoHo so you can swing by while you’re shopping or make an excuse to go shopping like I did, haha. On your way there, you might notice passerbys carrying long stemmed roses because there are men dressed in full tuxedos handing them out to all the pretty ladies on the street! The studio is located right on the corner with tons of airy space. No appointments necessary, walk-ins very much welcomed! They don’t sell any of the products on-site as it’s meant to educate and introduce SK-II to the US audience, instead you can order them through a tablet or ask an associate what retailers carry SK-II.


Upon stepping in, you can read the inspiring words to change your (skin) destiny! I love the copy on the welcome board. It really resonates with me! “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ::goosebumps::



Japanese actress and spokeswoman for SK-II, Haruka Ayase

Japanese actress and spokeswoman for SK-II, Haruka Ayase


Beautiful space and experience!

Beautiful space and experience!

What Makes SK-II So Popular?

For those of you who don’t what the hype is all about, SK-II is a Japanese skincare line that shot into popularity with their signature and revolutionary product, the Facial Treatment Essence (also abbreviated as FTE). The star ingredient in the essence is a Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate, Pitera, discovered to improve the hands of sake brewery employees over 30 years ago. More specifically, Pitera is the isolated yeast strain responsible for the youthful and smooth appearance and is the main ingredient in all SK-II products. It’s been dubbed as “miracle water” or “holy water” in the beauty world because of the amazing results seen in a majority of women when used morning and night.

Learn more about SK-II key ingredient, Pitera, along this wall.

Learn more about SK-II key ingredient, Pitera, along this wall.

The Facial Treatment Essence is made up of 90% Pitera, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, and Sorbic Acid. Pitera is a single blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that claims to improve the five dimensions of skin as defined by SK-II: Refined Texture, Radiance Enhancement, Spot Control, Wrinkle Resilience, and Firmness Power. I’m not sure if SK-II invented a whole other “Essence” step in the skincare routine, which is in between your Toner and Serum, but essentially this is a whole additional step in your routine to perfect skin. It has the texture and consistency of water and you’re supposed to pat it on with either your hands or with a facial cotton pad. Even though SK-II claims to take care of your skin’s five dimensions, it’s not a fix-all product. It will help with the efficacy of your other products (serum, emulsion, creams, spot treatments) so be sure to curate your skincare routine to maximize your time spend at the sink slathering and patting!

SK-II Beauty Playground. Sample at your heart's content!

SK-II Beauty Playground. Sample at your heart’s content!

I never used SK-II before so this event was surely a treat for me! I would love to see if this does anything different than my Missha First Treatment Essence, essentially a dupe of SK-II’s FTE (it even has the same abbreviation). The Missha FTE instead uses 80% of a different strain of yeast called Fissione and it’s still under the Pitera yeast family. On the ingredient label, it lists Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate as the top ingredient but only SK-II has exclusive rights to the Pitera strain. I got the Missha one because it was cheaper than SK-II. It was under $35 with a 30% off discount while an SK-II bottle is $165 for the same 150ml bottle (and SK-II will never go on sale). I’ve read reviews that the SK-II did wonders on a majority of women but also had no effects on some so this pop-up shop is a great way to test and learn more about SK-II if you never had the chance before!

Free Skin Consultations with SK-II’s Beauty Imaging System

It was so exciting to get my skin analyzed with SK-II’s unique Beauty Imaging machine that will tell you your skin’s age based on the five dimensions of healthy skin: Refined Texture, Radiance Enhancement, Spot Control, Wrinkle Resilience, and Firmness Power. I usually just look and touch my skin to get an idea if a product has benefited my skin so this is game-changing to have real benchmarks. The machine covered a little less than half my face and although I smiled here for the picture, the rep needed my face to be relaxed so it wouldn’t read my smile as wrinkles.

The future of skincare consulting is here. bleep bleep boop.

The future of skincare consulting is here. bleep bleep boop.

The consultation was easy to read and understand. There is a visual representation of the five dimensions and the further out to each corner you are to each dimension, the better your score is. Don’t like what your skin age turned out to be? This is your change to #ChangeDestiny and take control of your skin (and not necessarily with SK-II products).

Overall skin age is 24! "Score!" says the 30 year-old.

The best part about this consultation is that you can go back to almost any SK-II counter to get your skin analyzed again in order to see if your products changed your skin positively!

Every consulting station will have the Skin Analyzer thing-a-majiggy.

Every consulting station will have the Skin Analyzer thing-a-majiggy.

Anddddd the best thing about the consultation is the chance to try the FTE sheet mask and a 1 week supply sample of the FTE. The small bottle is enough for morning and night use, usually requiring 3-4 drops from the bottle each time. It absorbed really well on my hand and it visibly looked more hydrated than my other hand.

The FTE Sheet Mask has an entire ounce of the Essence in each pouch! $17 retail value for one.

The FTE Sheet Mask has an entire ounce of the essence in each pouch! $17 retail value for one. The bottle is 10ml, retail value around $11.

Free Yoga Classes Every Sunday in October

Be sure to grab a card for free yoga sessions hosted in the same space by YogaWorks. Complimentary yoga classes are on every Sunday in the month of October at 9AM. A SK-II rep told me to come in bare faced because attendees will get to apply their cult product, the Facial Treatment Essence, afterwards. The card says to kindly bring it in with you if you decide to do the yoga class (but classes are also listed on the website with no reference in requiring a card from the studio). Don’t know if there’s a difference for attendees with cards and ones without.

SK-II Social Media Lounge and Complimentary Massages

The airy space allows the socially connected user to use the PHHHOTO station to make GIFs on the spot! At the time I was there, the iPad wasn’t working for me but I just took my own selfie and uploaded it on my Instagram from the couches. Make sure to use #CHANGEDESTINY in your photos – SK-II National USA Brand Ambassador, Steve Jan, thanked me for coming! Check out the official video tour he did on his YouTube. It wasn’t crowded at all during the beautiful fall Saturday afternoon and I was able to get a chair massage right away from massage therapist, Danny

Social Media Lounge and Massage Section

Social Media Lounge and Massage Section (to the right).

Check out the other events SK-II is holding, click here for their official page. I’ve copied it below but they may add more events.

SK-II Pop-Up Studio Upcoming Events

October 3 – 4: Grand Opening

October 6, 6-8pm: Flawless Fall Skincare, Presented by InStyle with Special Guest Brooklyn Blonde

October 8, 5-7pm: Meet & Greet with Whitney Port

October 11, 9am: Yoga powered by YogaWorks

October 15, 5-7pm: Meet & Greet with Blogger Heart Defensor

October 18, 9am: Yoga powered by YogaWorks

October 22, 6-8pm: Stylish Beauty Secrets, Presented by InStyle with Special Guest Brooklyn Blonde

October 25, 9am: Yoga powered by YogaWorks

More SK-II Eye Candy…


Mid-Day Essence Spray perfect for on-the-go fix of Pitera. It claims that its MoistureLock Complex has fine particles that will penetrate through makeup to give you a mid-day refresher.


SK-II Brightening Derm Revival Mask and Facial Treatment Mask


Skin Signature 3-D Redefining Mask and Signs Eye Mask.

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Did you get to go to the SK-II pop-up studio yet? How did you like it? What were you most excited to try? Are you already a long-time user or first-time fan?

  • Fun! I’ll have to stop by before the end of the month!

  • I got 22 but my spot control is 26 cause of freckles 🙁

  • Your skin and makeup look great! I’m scared to get my skin analyzed. What if it showed my *gasp* actual age or older?! –Angela