A couple weeks ago Glow Recipe held a rubber masking party at their offices on Park Ave! If you were lucky enough to grab a spot, you and four of your friends had the opportunity to try out a Lindsay Rubber Mask in their new Charcoal “flavor” along with any other Glow Recipe products that interested you. I saw their email in time and got a 2pm spot but little did I know that it was a very intimate one-on-one session with co-founder, Sarah Lee, when I arrived! I thought it was going to be more of a “party” atmosphere with other kbeauty fanatics testing products while Sarah or Christine guided us. Instead, I was talking to Sarah directly and it was such a treat getting a close look into her start-up adventure and listening to her advice on working in the beauty industry. The focus of the party was to learn more about Lindsay’s rubber/modeling masks and Sarah was a wealth of information; it made me pop my rubber masking cherry this weekend! Click to read more about my review and Sarah’s take on why Lindsay’s is the best rubber mask she ever came across. 

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Is that a Cup Noodles or a rubber mask?

About Lindsay Rubber/Modeling Masks

Firstly, I want to note that “rubber” masks and “modeling” masks are the same thing. In Korea, they are known as modeling masks and ever since these masks have been getting picked up in the United States they have also been called a rubber masks. The word “modeling” is used probably because the batter can conform to every curve of your face and create a “model” of you *cue creepy music. Since rubber masks seems to be the prefered term from Glow Recipe and Peach and Lily, I’ll use that going forward.

Co-founder of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee (who is the sweetest!) and I.
Co-Founder of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee (who is the sweetest!) and I.

As told to me from Sarah at Glow Recipe, Lindsay is a Korean esthetician who would administer rubber masks at her spa. Rubber masks are so gentle and effective in providing a nourishing skin experience that it’s easily one of the most popular treatments requested from spa clients. They don’t strip away any eyebrow hairs, eye lashes and can cover your ENTIRE face – eyes and lips included – just make sure you leave your nostrils exposed in order to breathe! I’m not adventurous enough to do that yet without patch testing – though if it took off my mustache hair, I’d be fine with that.

Modest packaging, stellar results!

Modeling masks were a hard sell as an at-home product because there was a learning curve measuring the amount powder, the amount of water and getting the right consistency as well as having the right tools to mix and apply the mask. Lindsay came up with an idea to pre-measure the powder and create a line marker on a disposable cup to indicate the amount of water needed. The cup acts as product packaging as well as the mixing cup – just like a Nissin instant ramen Cup Noodles from those college days! Everything from the simple paper lid to the easy 2-step process screamed convenience! This new way of packaging changed the perception that rubber masks were “too much work” and are now a top seller at Olive Young (a “Korean Sephora”).

The Benefits of Rubber Masking

Speaking to Sarah about the benefits of rubber masks, she changed my mind that I NEED rubber masks in my life. For oily-skinned gals, you’ll want to read this! For every 1 degree hotter your skin is from your normal temperature, your skin will produce 10% more sebum/oils! That’s a lot of extra sludge you don’t want on your precious face! This is why Korean products will sometimes focus on keeping your skin cool because it will physically prevent your skin from over-producing sebum/oils and keep pores tighter. She recommends washing your face with cold face and using a cooling facial mist to keep skin temperature down!

Since the Lindsay Charcoal one came out, a new GOLD rubber mask just released as well as a limited edition Hanra Citrus one!
Since the Lindsay Charcoal one came out, a new GOLD rubber mask just released as well as a limited edition Hanra Citrus one!

So how does Lindsay fit in this picture? Sarah found the Lindsay rubber mask to be the best that she’s ever used. Not only does it leave her skin extra baby-bum soft but also cool and refreshed. During the #RubberMasking Party, we both tested the new Charcoal flavor on our hands and during our 10 minute conversation, the patch stayed very cool to the touch the entire time! I would’ve thought my hand temperature would warm it up but nope!


Product Claims – What does the Lindsay Rubber Mask in Lavender do?

The abridged claims from the Glow Recipe site:

The Lindsay Lavender Modeling Rubber Masks creates a relaxing, tone & texture balancing facial, to leave your skin feeling well rested and glowing. Lavender contains essential antioxidants to help cleanse and combat environmental  pollutants. Leaves skin more even toned, moisturized and radiant. Lavender helps to detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects. For all skin types.

I’m actually not sure which end of the spatula you were supposed to use but I used the curved edge because pointy corners scare me.

Packaging, Size, Price, etc.

It doesn’t say how much powder is in each cup but the total amount of product you have after water is added is about 2/3 cup give or take. One cup is $6 and you can buy them in sets of 2 for $11 and sets of 3 for $15 (random assortment) from Glow Recipe.

The Masking

I washed my face with a gentle cream cleanser and toned my face to prep it for the mask. Glow Recipe recommends adding cold water a little below the marked line because you don’t want to batter to get too drippy. It should resemble thick cake batter where it won’t drip off so quickly when the spatula is held up. The powder is VERY fine and it’s very easy for it to accidentally puff out of the cup while you’re mixing so do it slowly. There were times where I think I inhaled the powder. It was a lovely lavender smell and I.LOVE.LAVENDER. There are little bits of lavender flower right in the batter too!


Word of caution, mix in a timely manner because the second water is mixed with the powder, it will slowly start to solidify and you won’t be able to spread it onto your face if you take too long! This happened to me. I was taking pictures for the post not realizing that my window of perfect mask batter was already rubberizing. I put about two-thirds of the batter on my face and when I got to the rest, the other third started to lump up! NOOOO!!!!

Doh! Took too long in spread the goodness on my face! Leftover lumped-up pieces.
Doh! Took too long in spread the goodness on my face! Leftover lumped-up pieces. Learn from my mistakes.

Another tip from Glow Recipe, spread the mask a little thicker on the edges of your face so that it’s easier to peel off when it’s rubberized. I didn’t have enough to make the edges thicker since I blew it taking too long. The batter was just as cooling and luxurious feeling as the sample from the Glow Recipe offices. I loved how thick it was.

You can see on the side of my temples is where I attempted to save the rubberized product by slapping it on my face. Looks like ricotta cheese LOL.

Thankfully the mask was thick enough on my cheeks and forehead. You keep the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes and then peel! It was very easy and gentle to peel.

Am I pretty yet?

You’re probably going to have those little white bits leftover like my last selfie pic but don’t panic – just use warm water to wipe away. Easy-peasy.

Can anyone think of a prank so I repurpose this mask?
Can anyone think of a prank so I repurpose this mask?


Skin came out baby-soft just as it claims! I purposely did not immediately put on serum or emulsion so I can feel the true effects of the mask itself. My skin is completely refined and plump. My skin started to feel dry after 10 minutes from the natural arid fall weather so I put on my normal serum and emulsion and wow! I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks and nose all day. The effects last through to the next morning with a proper skincare routine. Did it also detoxify and brighten? Sure looks and feels like it. Best part is the lavender smell – you get a nice side of aromatherapy as well!

Ingredient List

While the English ingredient list is not on the cup itself, it’s listed on Glow Recipe:

Diatomatious Earth, Calcium Sulfate, Glucose, Alginate, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, Cellulose Gum, Maltodextrin, Monoglyceride, Lactococcus lactis, Lavender Extract, Allantoin, Potassium Alginate, Adenosine, Aloe Vera Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Manganese Violet (pigment), Fragrance

All ingredients pull up safely on CosDNA but there were some ingredients not recognized in the system (Diatomatious Earth, Alginate, Monoglyceride, Lactococcus lactis). While there is pigment and fragrance, there are no parabens or mineral oils.

Glow Recipe explains one ingredient that accounts for the rubber texture and mineral-rich batter: “Alginate [is] found in kelp extract [and] transforms from a powder to a soft gel-like texture when mixed in water. [Lindsay is] formulated with Alginate and a blend of botanicals and clays”.

Conclusion – Is This Worth My Money?

Yes. At least try it ONCE in your life and see if this is for you. Rubber masks are a step up from sheet masks. If I can get this soft baby skin in one 10-15 minute session every time then this is where my money would go. A sheet mask does not stay cool for too long because your face warms the mask quickly. There have been very few sheet masks that would leave my face as extra soft as the Lindsay masks. I think they’re a great weekend at-home spa treat! Although it will take some time for me to get the mixing and application just right, that’s not Lindsay’s fault. It was my fault for getting a ricotta cheese-like texture because I waited too long from taking pictures! The mask is VERY effective and easy to use.

Rating: 5/5 – I will never want to give this product up!

It’s more expensive than my normal sheet masks but I would consider this as a once a month treat which totally justifies it! Winter is harsh in New York City so I’d totally use that as an excuse to stock up on these (and by that, I mean the COST-CO SIZE BUCKET of powder). Granted I haven’t tried another rubber mask (yet), this sets the bar pretty high in terms of ease, experience and results.

Pictures from the Glow Recipe #RubberMaskingParty!

Glow Recipe #rubbermasking party
The Glow Recipe arsenal!
Shara Shara Honey and Berry Bombs and their new Lotus line. Glow Recipe #rubbermasking party
Shara Shara Honey and Berry Bombs and their new Lotus line.

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Have you tried rubber masks yet? What was your experience and are you hooked like I am? Heart eyes…

  • That’s fun that you were able to try the masks in Glow Recipe’s office! I do like these {not the lavender but I always forget I don’t like the smell}. I’m a bit relieved that you didn’t find them moisturizing because that is what people were saying. My face is super soft after but not at all moisturized. 🙂 I did order a giant tub of powder that should arrive today so I can see how that compares to the Lindsay version.

    • Yea, It was definitely smooth and soft but it got dry on its own if you don’t add an extra layer of moisturization! Serum and/or moisturizer is necessary to seal the goodness in!