OH EM GEE. At the same time I was in the JKNLEE K-Beauty Sample Sale whirlwind, my sister-in-law told me about a new k-beauty store opening in – you guessed it – Chinatown, NYC. When she described to me that it was a huge, two level beauty emporium, I immediately went over there to inspect what might be the BIGGEST K-Beauty/Asian beauty palace in Manhattan now. I was in awe. It was like I was in a less crowded, high-end SaSa in Hong Kong. Everyday Beauty Lab is from the same chain as Everyday Beauty (locations in Flushing and Hester St.) and this mega-store houses everything from premium hanbang skincare, The History of Whoo, to a variety of fun and affordable items such as the Pure Smile “Will You Be A Cat/Dog” sheet masks. Come shopping with me and view my photo tour of 50+ pictures!

Getting There/Location

Everyday Beauty Lab
115 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Use this Table of Contents to navigate in between photos:

Everyday Beauty Lab Photo Tour Store Visit K-beauty Chinatown NYC
Opened end of Dec 2015 – this is now the biggest store for all your k-beauty shopping. Squeeeeee!

The closet subway station is Grand St., where the B, D (orange trains) stop. The J at Bowery or the J, Z, N, Q lines at Canal St.are also a short walk away. Bowery transitions into Cooper Sq./3rd Ave north of 4th Street if that helps you orient yourself since lots of New Yorkers don’t like navigating through name streets (versus numbered streets). This is why you have me, your Chinatown tour guide to help! All pictures in this post are clickable to open in a new tab if you wish to zoom in on certain pictures.

Note: There are affiliate links in this post and all opinions are of my own.

Photo Tour – Inside The Everyday Beauty Lab!

There’s a sale table outside the storefront displaying some hair care but the real fun is inside.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (2)

I like how they display a monthly sales flier on the window.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (61)
The Bioderma Cleansing Water caught my eye as it’s very popular to cleanse off all your makeup in your double cleansing routine.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (3)
Look how high the ceilings are! A hanging chandelier dangles elegantly inside. History of Whoo gift sets sparkle in the window.
Guerisson 9 Complex Cream with horse oil is all the rage right now.
Guerisson 9 Complex Cream with horse oil is all the rage right now.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (59)
Enough room where there are couches for boyfriends and husbands to rest their feet while you go crazy in the aisles.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (5)
::jaw drops:: It was everything she said it was going to be.

Immediately you will see FOUR gigantic booths dedicated to four high-end, premium Korean brands: Sooryehan, Isa Knox, O HUI and History of Whoo.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (31)
The premium lineup: Sooryehan, Isa Knox, O HUI and History of Whoo
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (11)
Hanbang me!
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (9)
The luxury of having a tester wheel before buying all the gift sets.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (8)
So close, yet so farrrrrrr! Whoo gifts sets beckon me. I’m obviously biased with this brand.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (10)
O HUI, you ain’t too bad yourself.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (33)
Closer to uh, the more affordable goods.

Don’t tell me this doesn’t look like a cleaner and um, empty SaSa store in Asia!

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (54)
Shot of the OTHER side, yes there’s another side of this dream.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (12)
I see my Choosy Lip Gel Patches at $1.80 each. Also those fruit shaped things are point patches for dry spot treatment on your face (like a mini sheet mask). Tony Moly lip balms on the lower left.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (28)
From Japan, LuLuLun sheet masks. This brand packaging their sheet masks all in ONE resealable foil packet (or box). Comes in 7 , 42, or 126 (yikes) masks in a pack. There are special sets and creams too. Pink is for Moisture Balance/Regular, Blue is High or Rich Moisture, and White is for Brightening.

I can’t tell what the hot pink or yellow set is but there’s signage in Chinese which is not helpful for this illiterate Chinese person.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (29)
Dewytree mask sets by the mask or by the sheets. $50 for 2 boxes (10 sheets in a box) which is a fair price to ask in my opinion.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (30)
DAYCELL, Milatte, Esthenique, and FOODHOLIC masks.

I’m less familiar with the brands above but the FOODHOLIC boxes looks so cute. I got further information from amazon and it has the ear straps and a neck patch – that’s FULL coverage action.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (34)
ReFa Facial Massager are the white boxes, Orthia ampoules and even the Goodal Gold Snail Hydrogel Face Masks are here (when those were 3 for $50 at last week’s JKNLEE’s sample sale).

More Information from Amazon:

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (35)
Face makeup from LANAREY, SKIN 79, HERA and Ossion eyeshadows. Lonely Cloud 9 compact in the corner.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (36)
Closer look at the HERA UV Mist Ultra Moisture SPF 34/PA++ Limited Holiday Edition.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (37)
Notables: VDL Lumilayer Primer ($26)m Dr. Jart + BB Cream, Witch’s Pouch Eyeshadow Quad, B2 Organic facial soaps on the bottom. The blushing pink pretties above look like they’re from Japan.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (40)
A small Nature Republic section and the It’s Skin Red Ginseng and Snail line.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (41)
There is an entire horse oil section with creams from Japan and other brands underneath the Guerisson orange tubs. Next to it, the Elizavecca range and Kose underneath that.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (42)
OMG, an ENTIRE Pure Smile section (from Japan) and there are a TON of fun varieties. About $4 for the ones printed with fun designs. Overpriced for a sheet mask but we obvi know it’s for the design.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (43)
Animal, Fashion, KISS Face Packs from Japanese brand, Issinn-do Honpo and more Pure Smile design varieties below. Zombies, rotting dead, anime, etc.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (47)
More Nature Republic: Aloe Vera sheet masks, Hydro Gel masks, and the Argan Oil hair pack/mask and oils.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (49)
A complete MISSHA makeup aisle (but sans skincare).
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (48)
Missha nail stuff. The nail remover plastic dispenser is something I always think about getting but nah.

Similar to the Everyday Beauty in Flushing, this location has the full Missha makeup lines but note that they are missing Missha skincare ;( boooooo!

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (38)
Missha BB Creams and compacts.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (45)
Missha makeup
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (46)
MOAR Missha makeup
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (39)
And MUCH MOAR Missha makeup (but no skincare)
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (44)
More sheet masks, but these are lower end with less active ingredients
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (50)
Japanese personal care. Detoxifying foot patches and menstrual pads made from mugwart…
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (51)
My Scheming 2 in 1 sheet mask boxes are here! Didn’t see much of the regular My Scheming masks (non 2 in 1) but I guess it’s something.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (52)
Dia Force and Petitfee eye gel patches, Beyond spot patches (dem cute animals), Inselene, Donkey Milk Mask Packs, Tony Moly Tomatox Massaging Packs, Gekka Sleeping Packs, and more Japanese products I can’t read.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (53)
OH! My favorite go-to brand that I grew up with, My Beauty Diary! They have the old and new 2015 boxes. Also SOO AE hanbang sheet mask lines, and My Scheming’s only regular box of Arbutin Whitening Mask.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (55)
Just… more! I’m so exhausted at this point in writing and I didn’t even get to the second floor of this place yet!!!
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (56)
More (overpriced) Tony Moly items like the Tightening Cooling Pack and Blackhead Steam Balm Packs, Panda’s Dream whitening hand cream and face cream and Egg Pore Shiny Jewel Soaps. Below are Japanese Biore cleansers and what looks like SPF (but I didn’t see the popular Watery Gel Sun Essence).
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (57)
More animated sheet masks from Issinn-do Honpo where you can be a temporary Vampire, Skelton, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Kabuki, Tiger, Panda or Serial Killer. THEN we have the GIANT Pure Smile in bulk. Looks like it’s 8 packs in bulk but I don’ read Japanese.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (58)
I haven’t even mentioned SNP until this point but here are SNP’s animal masks as well as their popular Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Masks, PUCCA, Mediheal and Mediental masks.

Photo Tour – Second Floor of Everyday Beauty Lab

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (27)
Elevated on the second floor, I’m literally in heaven.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (14)
A ton of Japanese Beauty.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (13)
Dolly Wink lashes – there’s ANOTHER wall as you turn the corner.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (26)
There’s a ton more My Beauty Diary varieties UPSTAIRS.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (25)
ISN’T THIS THE CUTEST?! Pink is the Wonderland Miracle Set and the blue is the Wonderland Teatime Set – 15 sheet masks per box.

More information on these adorable My Beauty Diary Boxed Sets from Amazon:

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (24)
Lashes, lashes, lashes
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (22)
Shiseido line in blue above. Bioderma cleansing waters are very recommended to take off makeup in your double cleansing routine.

The Bioderma Sebium H20 Cleansing Water is one of the most recommended products to take off makeup in your double cleansing routine. You can read more about cleansing waters in my Cleansing Water Battle.

Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (19)
More J-Beauty
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (21)
Popular Hada Labo line from Japan with giant foil refills to the right. There’s also the My Beauty Dairy Micellar Cleansing Water.

Those new to Hada Labo won’t know what each color on the bottles mean. Here’s how to categorize them:

  • White = “Goku-jyun” or Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating for hydration
  • Blue = “Shiro-jyun” or Arbutin for hydration + whitening brightening/radiance
  • Red = “Goku-jyun Alpha ” or Retinol for lifting + firming + hydration
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (18)
DIY sheet masks for those who make your own sheet masks. Also more j-beauty sheet masks.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (17)
Facial massagers and literally a pink color Jason mask to keep your V-line firm. wtf.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (16)
Tools, hair brushes, makeup sponges.
Everyday-Beauty-Lab-NYC-Kbeauty (15)
J-beauty: DHC

Store Experience/Customer Service – Feel Transported to Asia!

Love the space. Love the selection. Love the sheer one-stop convenience of it all and if there was anything negative to say about this store is that it doesn’t carry enough color cosmetics. They have skincare from Taiwan, Japan and Korea in the bag but color items besides BB cushions were lacking. For color, I would definitely stop by oo35mm (they have on-trend skincare selection as well). The space was very clean, well-stocked and barely anything was disorganized. It was also quiet and I was able to shop at my own pace while looking up items on my phone. The environment is just a SaSa in Asia but without all the people crammed inside.

As for customer service from sales associates, expect the normal “omg, why are they following me?!” approach. You might feel that the SAs will “follow you” throughout your shopping because they will keep an eye on what items attracts your attention. They may jump in with unsolicited help or comments as a means to be helpful but I understand this is highly undesirable and a huge turn-off to American shoppers as we are accustomed to browsing freely without feeling like we are being tailed by an employee. I’ve mentioned on my other photo tours that this behavior is considered as excellent customer service in Asia. This form of customer service does not translate well in New York City (where everyone just wants to be left alone) but what you can do is politely tell them that you want to shop alone and that you will ask questions when you have them.

Most of the SAs speak English as their second language so don’t expect detailed answers if you have very specific questions. I didn’t have too much of a problem getting left alone to shop as most of the girls just sat behind the counter and massaged their faces with the Refa Facial Massager, haha. I was literally the only person in the store at the time.

Samples – We All Love Them!

I went during their Grand Opening period and got a cute, mini hand cream with my small $12.50 purchase of three sheet masks. Looks like they’ll give a little something but unsure if it will last post grand opening period. I will have to check in a few months later to tell you guys how their sample game is like.

Takeaways – The Bottom Line

Overall A+++ in sheet mask selection with varieties from all over Asia! Good selection in cleansers, hair care, tools, etc. From the common to the not-so-common, Everyday Beauty Lab has their sheet mask game on fleek. They have products that range from premium brands to the very affordable. They have one or two skincare lines from Innisfree, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and It’s Skin but they don’t carry Missha or Laniege. They lack in color cosmetics so I wouldn’t come here if you only want makeup. The selection in BB cushions is bare as well.

Comment Below!

Do you plan to come to this location? What are you looking forward in getting the most? Do share your thoughts! If you want to stay up to date with all things Asian beauty related, add me to Bloglovin’ or subscribe via email on the right-hand panel!

  • Again, another great post! I love this city. We never have to worry about not having access to things from all over the world. I feel so lucky. I will go there during my next big teacher break in February. I am going to need time to browse.

    • Thank you so much for your support! Hearing your encouragement keeps me going since editing, taking photos and writing these posts can take hours, if not days!

  • Which of the higher end mask brands do you recommend from this store?

    • I unfortunately have not tried too many higher end masks but in my experience, Dewytree has a pretty solid ingredients list with active ingredients in mid to high in concentration. Others that also hold a good reputation are Mediental and Mediheal. A Brand that has caught my attention lately is DAYCELL which I’ve seen around in these stores a LOT but there is little American attention on them (for now). I have not yet tried anything from them because I have too many sheet masks at the moment!

      In one of my pictures, I see that Cloud 9, the same brand making the miracle, light-as-a-cloud brightening cream also came out with a sheet mask box (“Cloud 9 Nutrient Booster Skin-Up Plumping Hydrogel Sheet Mask”). Dewytree also came out with a “Sparkling Smart Toning Mask” that will fizz up and eliminate waste from your pores, similar to the carboxy gel mask from Serendibeauty that I reviewed on my blog before although it’s unclear if the Dewytree version comes in the same gel in a syringe and dry sheet mask format.

      Petitfee, makers of the famous black pearl hydrogel eye patches also has their Gold and EGF sheet masks. I haven’t used these yet either but I like the eye patches a lot. There are definitely a ton of options here! I would research online on each one of these separately so that you can come into the store prepared with what to buy! Hope this sort of helps you!

  • This is like a little slice of Heaven! Thank you for a great post as always 🙂

  • These pictures are so beautiful 😍 . Looking forward to stepping into this store. I have a ton of products to finish before I will buy something new (sad 😢)

  • Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! I can’t wait to spend all my money here…er i mean visit this store. Thanks for the detailed review 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad others can find this guide – just spreading the joy!

  • Amy

    Do they have an online store? I love your tour, and thanks for all the information!


    • Hi! They do have a website here but you’ll see that the website is bilingual and it’s not clear what their shipping policies are. They ship primarily within the US as the operations seem to be based here but use Google Translate to translate the page. This is what I found on their shipping, here. Poke around but it looks like their selections online is smaller than what they offer in-store.

  • albie

    OMG! thank you for this post! i loved it so much! I am sooo following you right now like a stalker! ahhahaha I was looking for information about Everyday Beauty Lab and found your blog. Please, tell me, do they sell Su:m 37, Hera and Sulwhasoo skincare??

    thank you!


    • Thank you for the comment! Not sure if they sell SUM:37 since I last posted because they have 4 counters as pictured. I think they will sell select popular Hera products but last I seen it was only the BB cushion. SUM:37 wasn’t spotted and Sulwhasoo is in the Amore Pacific Store on Catherine Street,if you check out my K-Beauty map (link it pinned up top). Happy Shopping!