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I Turned 30 Years Old and it ROCKS!

Last week was my 30th birthday!

Turning 30 is certainly a milestone that represents a lot of things to a lot people but to me, it represents maturity, wisdom, and adventure. Your life doesn’t end at 30(!) in fact there’s so much more to do now that I have more money than when I did when in my twenties and gained a lot more experience about things in general. The adventure comes in because there’s still MORE to do and accomplish. There’s still a lot MORE that I don’t know. There’s still so much I can do to define my the rest of my life. The small steps towards the life I want should be present in that I’m still alive. (more…)

Hello world! Why I EXIST

Hi there! 

I’m Cecilia and I’m starting this blog to share and keep track of my beauty journey. Over the years, I grew more and more of a fan of Asian beauty items because of their innovation, attractive/cute packaging, affordability and proven results. Korean products especially have earned a place in my heart.


With so many products and options, it got so overwhelming that I would search blog or youtube reviews before committing to buy, test products and research online to understand this whole new level of beauty. After 3 years of going through the learning curve, I think I can finally say that I know a thing or two about Asian beauty and the abundant offerings it has!


I’m a freckled Chinese-American located in New York City and the Asian beauty trend is taking this city (and the rest of the world) by storm! I’m witnessing brick and mortar stores pop up, more ecommerce sites offering international shipping (with English descriptions) and more buzz on beauty forums. It’s an exciting place to be right now (well, maybe Myeongdong is better?) and I want to share my passion with anyone who wants to experience this with me!

Hopefully this blog will be a comprehensive resource on Asian beauty shopping in NYC, provide helpful reviews on more obscure products and be your source for some beauty excitement!

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