Review: Lindsay Rubber Mask/Modeling Mask & One-on-One Chat with Sarah Lee from Glow Recipe!

Lindsay-Lavender-Rubber-Modeling-Mask-Review-Glow-Recipe(8) COVER

A couple weeks ago Glow Recipe held a rubber masking party at their offices on Park Ave! If you were lucky enough to grab a spot, you and four of your friends had the opportunity to try out a Lindsay Rubber Mask in their new Charcoal “flavor” along with any other Glow Recipe products that interested you. I saw their email in time and got a 2pm spot but little did I know that it was a very intimate one-on-one session with co-founder, Sarah Lee, when I arrived! I thought it was going to be more of a “party” atmosphere with other kbeauty fanatics testing products while Sarah or Christine guided us. Instead, I was talking to Sarah directly and it was such a treat getting a close look into her start-up adventure and listening to her advice on working in the beauty industry. The focus of the party was to learn more about Lindsay’s rubber/modeling masks and Sarah was a wealth of information; it made me pop my rubber masking cherry this weekend! Click to read more about my review and Sarah’s take on why Lindsay’s is the best rubber mask she ever came across.  (more…)

Event: SK-II 2015 Pop-Up Studio in New York City

SK-II is hosting a Pop-Up Studio in New York City’s SoHo area again from Oct. 3 – Oct 31, 2015. SK-II is launching a new Change Destiny campaign with movie star and spokeswoman, Cate Blanchett. The campaign is really inspiring because changing your destiny is applicable in all areas of your life (something I’m actively doing right now with my career). In terms of your skin destiny, SK-II is empowering women with the knowledge that you can shift the age of your age now. We have the power to reverse the damage, dark spots and wrinkles of your skin if you choose to. The direction of destiny is in our choice to commit to the process and to be educated in the endless amount of options out there. This can all be fun instead of overwhelming, as well as addicting! Click on to see my pop-up studio experience (free goodies, more info and eye candy galore!).


Pre-Production Sample Review: Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask, Anti-aging & Moisturizing (Edited)

Orgaid is a new organic beauty company and their very first product is a sheet mask. They are founded in Illinois, United States taking an Eastern beauty product and making it their own. Its founder, Dr. Ian Baek, developed the first “Made in USA” sheet mask and for those who requested a pre-production sample last month, we received it to try earlier this week. Sheet masks have long been in the market in Asia and there are many different kinds and price points so how did this stand up to sheet masks made in Asia?

EDIT 10/17/2015: Orgaid has seen reviews of the pre-production sample and noticed how the post office has damaged all their samples as other reviewers have also noted the poor fit and cut of their masks. I was sent another sample in a sturdy cardboard box and have edited my review to reflect the uncompromised mask! Click to read more!

Review: Son & Park Beauty Gel – What is This Really?

Son & Park Beauty Gel Review Cover

By now, if you’re already a big fan of kbeauty you might have already noticed the Son & Park Beauty Water and Beauty Gel as new arrivals at some of your favorite kbeauty ecommerce sites. The Son & Park Beauty Water is already the beloved Holy Grail item for lots of beauty mavens (I love it as well and it won in my Cleansing Water Battle!). The Beauty Gel is less popular because its purpose is not as apparent as its spot-light hogging older sibling. This review will explain its purpose in your beauty routine and how it performs as it claims. Click to read on!

Unboxing August Beauteque Mask Maven Bag & Subscription Gift Reveal!

Beauteque -Mask-Maven-August-Cover2-Gifts-Review

It’s the end of the road with my Beauteque Mask Maven subscription. August is my 6th and last bag as I’ve canceled this service due to lack of interesting masks and well, sheet mask overload in my apartment. This month’s theme is Acne and Pores where the sheet masks and packs were selected around targeting the concerns for troubled and oily skin. Case in point, I don’t have acne-prone skin so subscribing to these services will always have a risk that the products might not fit your needs. These days, I only like a select few items whenever I order a mystery box/package so I did myself a favor and stopped buying anything cold turkey (and you can see my #ShopYourStash or #TeamNoBuy tag on Instagram to see what I’ve been amusing myself with lately).

Since this is my last bag, I got my free $30 gift for being an early subscriber.  I signed up in March at the start of the launch and they offered a higher incentive the longer you subscribed (it was a $60 gift set with your 1 year subscription). I also get a free mask for each month and I’ll get into the details later in the post.

If you’re not familiar with what Beauteque’s Mask Maven is, read my Mask Maven introduction post. Click to read the review for August Mask Maven. (more…)

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