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Store Visit: LINE Friends – New York City Times Square


LINE Friends opened their first USA store in New York City’s most popular tourist trap, Times Square! The massive store opened in July 2017 and sells gift items like stuffed dolls, phone cases, housewares, clothing and other useless (but cute) items printed with lovable LINE characters like Brown, Cony, Sally, Choco, Moon, James, Boss and newer characters like Jessica, Leonard and Pangyo. LINE is the messaging app that originated in Japan and uses hilarious stickers featuring characters that depict my everyday emotions and behaviors like disgust, narcissism and gluttony (with some love sprinkled in). The LINE characters became so popular that they have their own offline animated series called LINE OFFLINE where they are in an office setting of “Line Corporation”. I took some 360 photos and an insane amount of regular photos with an unBEARable amount of original LINE stickers, click on to view!


Greece Vacation: Mykonos, Santorini and Athens


I haven’t blogged anything “lifestyle-ly” so here’s a quick post about my vacation on the Greek Islands: Mykonos and Santorini with a pit stop in Athens! Of course, I also put together a quick traveler’s guide and things I learned while I was there so this isn’t just a brag post about my “wonderful” life. There was an Emirates companion fare deal for $799 flying out of Newark airport to Athens, Greece so I just had to jump when I was figuring out what to do with my remaining vacation days. The FiancĂ© and I are just going to call it our Engagement Moon. The flight going to Greece was cheap but the hotels, island transfers and dining was NOT. I have some pre-booking tips and some while-you’re-there tips so you don’t get a rude awakening.


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