Unboxing January 2016 3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) Box

I received a complimentary January 2016 3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) box for review/feedback purposes last month and I’m so glad to get reintroduced to this $12/month K-Beauty subscription service again! I tried 3b for three months as an unsponsored customer and you can read my prior reviews here in 2015. 3b wanted to get my honest opinions on their new offerings and kindly sent me January and February boxes with no obligation to review. I was so excited to see a lot of great stuff in January’s bag that I decided to post an official review here and because I personally got to try ALL the items in the bag in the last 2 weeks. Click on to see the all the contents!

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Jini Beauty K-Beauty Subscription Box Launches! Feb 2016 Review for Dry/Mature Skin

Jini Beauty is a new K-Beauty subscription service that sends you a box of curated skincare items for your specific skin type! They are the ONLY Korean beauty subscription service that currently sends out different boxes for Dry/Mature, Normal/Combination, Oily/Acne, and Sensitive/Troubled skin! They launched in February 2016 and I had the honor to review complimentary box for Dry/Mature skin in exchange for my honest review! The subscription is $24.95 month to month and you can pre-pay for three, six or twelve months and the amount per box decreases a bit the longer you commit. I am TRULY in love with this box and I’m already using everything to create a mini routine! Click to see everything in the box and what I loved about each item! View Post

Review: Kocostar Brightening Mask with Chitosan Fibre – A One, Two Punch in Sheetmasking But Maybe Not In A Good Way

It’s been a while since I’ve strolled in the 34th Street Urban Outfitters but when I do, I raid the back beauty section with hidden Korean brands gems. It’s changed a lot where there were fewer varieties of brands and most weren’t prominently featured anymore getting it’s own shelf space. I had word that some Goodal products were marked down as cheaply as $7 (and lo and behold there was a massive Club Clio/Goodal sample sale in Chinatown the following week I found out). I digress. The newest and most interesting product I picked up was the Kocostar Brightening Mask made from Chitosan fibers and it wasn’t the strange “Chitosan” word that intrigued me but it was a two step mask in that the essence and sheet mask were in different chambers. At the time you’re ready to mask, you need to fold the mask length-wise in thirds and then squeeze on the essence “zone” so that it pops the seal that connects the two compartments. You then drain the essence into the sheet mask “zone” and wait for it to gel up before letting it hit your face. “Cool!” was my first thought but I later learn that “cool” isn’t always better.

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Review: Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling “Rubber” Mask from Peach & Lily

If you want to make like Beyonce and get an upgrade in the sheetmasking game, then you should start to shop for modeling masks (aka rubber masks) from Korea! Sometimes you just want something different than a regular cotton sheet drenched in serum. After all, it envelops your entire face for 20 to 45 minutes – you should enjoy this time that you’re taking care of yourself. Like dining out, variety is the spice of life and I appreciate all the unique ways I can mask at home thanks to the popularity of Korean beauty. Modeling/rubber masks is more expensive than your typical cotton sheet mask but the results are worth the extra dollars once in a while. This Shangpree mask, available from Peach & Lily, is truly unique in that it doesn’t use the typical water and powder formula, it’s GOLD and that it was developed from a reputable “model spa” directly from Korea. More than just an upgrade in your routine, it’s a straight up premium treatment that was once only available from the hands of an esthetician. Click to read the full review.

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Review: Tosowoong Special Edition Cocoon Monster Pack (Pore Tightening Mask)

Even though Halloween is over, you can still get a kick out of gory-themed skincare thanks to zombie shows everywhere. There have been human flesh printed sheet masks, “bloody” shower gels packaged in IV bags and face cream with subtle, yet cute vampire teeth printed on the jar. During these past two weeks I’ve been using The Tosowoong Special Edition Cocoon Monster Pack provided courtesy of Cupidrop for my review. I chose the pack and the oil cleanser from the line so I’ll review the oil cleanser in the next post. The pack is a wash-off mask that actually dries and almost warps your face into a rotting zombie while providing nourishment, hydration, pore-tightening and ridding blackheads, whiteheads all at the same time. Oh, and it also contains silkworm coocoon extracts, volcanic ash, EGF and syn-ake peptides. You wouldn’t usually find these ingredients in American skincare which is what makes this line particularly scary unique. Click to see my zombification!
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