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Unboxing August Beauteque Mask Maven Bag & Subscription Gift Reveal!

Beauteque -Mask-Maven-August-Cover2-Gifts-Review

It’s the end of the road with my Beauteque Mask Maven subscription. August is my 6th and last bag as I’ve canceled this service due to lack of interesting masks and well, sheet mask overload in my apartment. This month’s theme is Acne and Pores where the sheet masks and packs were selected around targeting the concerns for troubled and oily skin. Case in point, I don’t have acne-prone skin so subscribing to these services will always have a risk that the products might not fit your needs. These days, I only like a select few items whenever I order a mystery box/package so I did myself a favor and stopped buying anything cold turkey (and you can see my #ShopYourStash or #TeamNoBuy tag on Instagram to see what I’ve been amusing myself with lately).

Since this is my last bag, I got my free $30 gift for being an early subscriber.  I signed up in March at the start of the launch and they offered a higher incentive the longer you subscribed (it was a $60 gift set with your 1 year subscription). I also get a free mask for each month and I’ll get into the details later in the post.

If you’re not familiar with what Beauteque’s Mask Maven is, read my Mask Maven introduction post. Click to read the review for August Mask Maven. (more…)

Unboxing July Beauteque Mask Maven Bag – Best Bag Yet!

Mask Maven July 2015 Cover Unboxing Unmasking

I know I’m late with it. it’s August and I’m unmasking the July bag now but if you’ve read my posts before, they are detailed and take some time to edit photos and write! Please give me a birthday pass and excuse the lateness! If you’ve already seen the spoilers on Instagram then you’ll know that this month’s bag was da bomb dot com!

I wasn’t too impressed with Beauteque’s Mask Maven subscription because as a more advanced ABer (Asian Beauty user) the selection has been ho-hum and it was clear where they cut corners on some selections. The June Unboxing showed some indications that they were listening to customer feedback and made subscription improvements already. This month’s bag was even better (but there was one small snag in my order).

If you’re not familiar with what Mask Maven is, read my Mask Maven introduction post.


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