Review: Peripera Lumi Pang Lip Gloss (with REAL FRUIT EXTRACTS!)


I bought two Peripera Lumi Pang lip glosses because I saw a raving review of these online and couldn’t resist getting these faced with a BOGO deal on Clio’s NYC Union Sq grand opening. They’re $18USD each and you can get these priced at $7 from other e-tailers (just be mindful of shipping since they are shipped straight from Korea, for these, I suggest RoseRoseShop priced at $6.99 if you plan to buy a few more items n your order). I’ll review the Cushion Lips in a future post.


I’m drawn to Reds and Corals and I realize that these two shades don’t look too different out of the boxes but the RD05 “Sensual” has a berry tint to it (and Peri’s recommended shade) and the RD03 “Hi Twenty” is more coral. 


Pulling out the wand, I appreciate the cool clear tube and the applicator is a bit different than the typical doe foot. It’s shaped like a diamond with a tapered tip and has a bit of a bent angle. I don’t think this makes me apply my gloss any better but it’s a nice switch from the same old.


Second thing you’ll notice is it’s nice fruity smell! The Clio store SA said that it’s made with real fruit extracts! More info from online research touts that it’s made with 30% water and has a lip-staining effect. It also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin derivatives that hydrate lips.

They claim that it will give you “plump, glowing” lips and I suppose it’s because the shine will make your lips look plumper. I already have huge lips with enough to spare so I wasn’t drawn to having balloon lips but the shine didn’t turn me off either. I wouldn’t describe it as high-shine but semi-shine. It’s definitely non-sticky as I HATE glosses with stickiness where you have to sweep your hair off your lips every time you’re outside.

lumi pang stock2I can say that YES, it goes on with great intense color and certainly stains my lips BUT after about 2 hours it lost its color intensity and shine. My lips weren’t as glossy or hydrated as they were after its first application but the staining is still left behind.

IMG_3470IMG_3471Good pigmentation, shine and hydration. Above is RD05 “Sensual” (the more berry tinted lippie).


RD03 “Hi Twenty”, a more Coral color which I also love


IMG_3473Staining after I washed my hands from swatches. I took the picture in the evening without any natural light which is why my hand looks so yellow in the photo!


Maybe but definitely not anytime soon since there are SO many lip products to test and dabble with! It’s not going to be my holy grail item because it wore off pretty fast. I think being made up of 30% water is a bad thing since it evaporated off my lips rapidly. It didn’t leave them dry but I missed the nice buttery and silky coverage – almost as if it sealed my lips in moisture and wished it stayed that way since the first application. I’ll plan to touch up and see how I still like these on a daily basis and play with new looks on instragram (follow me!).

Well Peripera has since came out with 3 new colors for their Lumi Pang line to tempt us with! The newest colors now come with a cute polka dot design on the tube. The Rouge Pang line (a lip balm/lipstick) also came out with new colors in 2015. I didn’t buy the Rouge Pang lippie because I needed to set a limit somewhere but I didn’t find any of their shades that irresistible as I had some of the same colors in my collection.

peri new lumi pangHere’s a cute video from W2Beauty to promote the lip lines

I’ll review the Cushion Lips in a separate post. Have you tried either the Lumi Pang or Rouge Pang? What did you think of them? Did the Lumi Pang wear off of you too?