New Mask Subscription Service – Beauteque Mask Maven

New Mask Subscription Service – Beauteque Mask Maven

I subscribed to my first mask subscription service from Beauteque – Mask Maven!  (Pronounced “Byoo-tek”.)

What made me pull the trigger and commit to 6 months of service is that this is a mask-only type of subscription. It’s not only sheet masks for your face but some surprises will be for your hair, feet, hands and whatever other areas companies created masks for! Have you seen the crotch mask for your bikini zone from MemeBox? Yea, cool things like that hopefully.

I like this subscription because I don’t feel like I’m hoarding and letting good products like face creams or serums go bad since masks are one-time use and can last as long as 2-3 years since each one is individually sealed. It takes much longer to go through a bottle or jar of cream than it does for a sheet mask. Rip it open, treat yourself for a night and it’s done and served its purpose (well, hopefully)! 

Mask Maven des

Each mask pouch will contain 9 – 11 masks per month, pricing varies at which plan you want to commit to.

There was an incentive in March to subscribe to the 6 Month Subscription and the 12-Month Subscription; you’ll receive a free sheet mask every month and a free $30 gift on your last month for the 6-Month and a free $50 gift on your last month for the 12-Month. Call me a sucker for a good deal – I went with the 6-Month. I actually forgot I get a free mask every month now that I’m looking at the description again! Comparing my bag with other blog posts, I can now figure out which was my freebie.

The incentive period is now over, but trying one bag at $15 + shipping is reasonable if you are looking for variety, a way to ease into Korean beauty or like to be surprised with some goodies.

Mask Plan

Check out the plans here and be mindful that these prices DON’T include shipping! Shipping in the United States is $3.95 per month First Class USPS (total of $23.70 for 6 months). I actually weighed my mask package and got a price quote from USPS to make sure it’s a fair cost and my quote came out to $3.94 for 12 ounces. So that’s great that you’re paying an accurate rate for shipping if all mask packages weighed around 12 oz. It grinds my gears when I see inflated shipping and the companies are pocketing the extra cost.


Mask Maven will auto-renew at the end of your last month! Be sure to put a reminder alert on your calendar to cancel right after your last bag arrives if you don’t want to start a new 6 months! Make sure you read all the FAQ’s or ask their customer service any questions before committing.

BB Bags v. Mask Maven

Some of you might have heard about Beauteque’s Beauty (BB) Bags first before Mask Maven as Mask Maven is all-new. They have a subscription service for their BB Bags which may include anything ranging from skincare, hair, makeup and beauty tools/lifestyle items – most of the items are a surprise until the package arrives in your mailbox. Each bag will have a theme depending on the season. Their website is their e-tailer shopping site where you can buy individual products and non-subscription bags. is where you would sign up for a subscription.

If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, right now they have these really cute “Head to Toe Breakfast Bags” and “Head to Toe Tony Moly” bags here.  (Go to Brands on the top bar and scroll allllll the way down to “Bags”). Their websites aren’t the most user-friendly or seamless but this is a small business that was started by family. Hopefully we can see some improvements on navigation and user experience when they are able to invest in that. Here, they already gave a few spoilers on what some of the 7 full-sized items may be for both “Head to Toe” bags.

Head to Toe Bfast

Head to Toe TMWhat’s unique about their BB Bags is that they provide you with some options on choosing what color, scent or variety type you might like. Black or brown eyeliner, honey or rose lip balm, etc. It’s not always guaranteed but at least there’s a chance that you may get what you chose. Don’t call it a BB bag for nothing – all items come packed inside a cute makeup bag for future use! 

So the main reason why I’m not a BB Bag subscriber is that I probably don’t need or want any of the items they have to offer in terms of skincare. I’ve seen their unbagging for past bags and there’s nothing I’m dying to get. Mind you that I am a bit older than their target demographic which seems to be females from ages 18 – 28 (or depending if you’ve been on the kbeauty train for a long time or not!). Don’t get me wrong! I love still love the cuteness of TonyMoly products, fruit-shaped lotions and kawaii packaging but I’m at a stage in my life where I have purchased or acquired these items already and moved on to anti-aging, lifting and preventive-heavy products. While the BB Bag is not for me, it can be right for you. If you enter your email on their side bar next to the scroll bar, you can save $2 off your order with code “SPRING2”. Free shipping over $35.

I already have my March and April Mask Maven bags that I will post about separately and you can judge if you’d like to get a bag to try for one month or spring for the 3, 6 or 12 month sub!