Haul: First RoseRoseShop Order! Gold Eye patches, Masks & Peripera’s new Lip Ink

Haul: First RoseRoseShop Order! Gold Eye patches, Masks & Peripera’s new Lip Ink

I came back from Taipei for only 1 week and I had already put in an Asian Beauty haul from Rose Rose Shop (RRS).  -___- You would think I was done with shopping but I had a small excuse to fit in a haul.  (And my Taipei travel haul to come – it’s impressive).

My boyfriend asked me again if there was anything HE could do for his dark eye circles. While I did find the Petitfée Gold & EGF Hydrogel Eye Patches in Taipei’s local beauty store, 86 Shop, they only carried the eye and spot patch variety and I wanted the full ying and yang eye patch shape. (See the differences below in my post.)

 photo IMG_3654_zpshq1yrwa7.jpg

Also prices were marked up. Converted to USD, they were running for about $15 a tub and I knew I could order them from ebay for $12-$13 with free shipping so I held back on getting them in Taipei.

 photo IMG_3655_zpspnvtotb8.jpg

 photo IMG_3657_zpski7eirjc.jpg

Petitfée Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches

 photo IMG_3662_zps1qwguvuq.jpg

I was only going to put the order for ONE tub of the Petitfée until I decided to comparison shop and discovered that Rose Rose Shop has them listed for 50% off, final price at $6.80. Shipping begins at $8.74 so it only made sense to buy more since it ships straight from South Korea. This was a birthing of a beauty haul…

Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patch

 photo IMG_3663_zpslfc6vgf5.jpg

They only carried the Petitfee Gold variety with the spot patches (meant to put over pimples) but then I found a Secret Key version with the full ying yang eye patches! It was only a little more than the Petitfee priced at $9.13 but a girl wants what she wants! I don’t get a lot of pimples and I think the ying yang shape cover more surface area so that’s why I wanted just the eye patches.

 photo IMG_3661_zpsypk8jirz.jpg

Here is the Secret Key Gold Racoony version with the Spot patches meant to put over blemishes or pimples. I don’t like the eye shape here because my eyes aren’t THAT curved. I’ve used other eye hydrogel patches before and you shouldn’t put right onto your bottom lashes – it hurts! It’s uncomfortable! My bf and I will try these soon. Black and Gold, ying and yang – we truly can be opposites sometimes!

 photo SecretKeyGoldRacoony_zpsyi2d7kkz.jpg

I see the discount tabs they have on the navigation bar marked at 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 80%. Nothing was worth buying under 80% off but things got interesting in the other tabs….

To Be Nang Gold 24K Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask and To Be Nang Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask

 photo tobenang web_zpshqks9b6k.jpg

 photo IMG_3674_zpsjwcyizke.jpg

I saw these in a Memebox Special #54 Miracle Masks edition and these looked extra luxurious! The Meme Value was at $6 for the Gold and Snail and $5 for just Snail (Memebox also included a third mask that had a neck piece as well, but I skipped that one as I don’t think that one was hydrogel). I usually won’t splurge the extra money for a hydrogel mask since you’re throwing away the sheet mask in then end but at RRS prices at $1.65 and $1.47 respectively, I couldn’t pass this one up. Maybe when I’m older I’ll invest more in hydrogel but not now. I enjoy trying new mask technology for fun but the bulk of my masks will be cotton.

Mediheal Soda Masks

 photo IMG_3673_zpsfdc1leyf.jpg

This mask interested me when I started to see a new mask pouch subscription service from Mask Genie. This appeared in her January 2015 pouch and because it fizzes and bubbles on your skin once exposed to air, this seemed really fun to try. I had missed out on buying her Jan pouch and I couldn’t find these in Taiwan so I decided to add 3 to my RRS order! Check out her blog review and if you’re interested in trying more exotic and hard-to-find masks curated from a Hong Kong local Eugenie AKA Mask Genie, visit her new site here!  You can buy 5 or 10 mask pouches and she does a video review on all of them so you see what you’re getting! No unwanted surprises!

Peripera Lip Ink

 photo IMG_3664_zpsr5cjbtg9.jpg

I saw this on the front page of RRS and being a fan of Peri’s lip products, it was a no-brainer cart add-on. The wand is curved and flat and is quite bendy. The name says it all and it’s as liquidy as the consistency of ink and ultra pigmented, I only need one swipe!

 photo IMG_3665_zpskqfs9zhu.jpg
 photo IMG_3666_zpsuopczrjp.jpg

You can get very clean lines because of the thinner liquid. I don’t recommend that you smack your lips while applying since it will make the product spread out and apply unevenly if you didn’t cover all of your lips yet.

 photo IMG_3668_zps48ttb1qn.jpg

 photo peri_lip_ink_swatch_zps1slquhqj.jpgTesting it on my hand, it has such a strong stain that even my new Banila Clean it Zero samples and Missha cleansing oil couldn’t completely take off! This WILL come off while eating greasy or oily foods and if you have big lips like mine, it will remove only from the middle and you’ll leave the restaurant with an outline of color as if you only used a lip liner from the 1990’s.

 photo IMG_3677_zpscw4kytz3.jpg

Banila Co. Clean it Zero samples

 photo IMG_3680_zpsl1tu5rxf.jpg

This has been a cult favorite for such a long time that I threw in samples to try, $3.42 for four small jars. This is an oil cleansing product in solid form and it’s supposed to “melt” away all makeup and impurities at the start of your cleansing routine.

 photo IMG_3683_zpscrvbzejd.jpg

This would be a great contender for your double cleansing routine. It has a unique “sherbet” texture that begins to melt into an oil and therefore also take off all your makeup. It has a lot of antioxidants in it which is great in replenishing all the nutrients we begin to lose in our skin as we age.

 photo IMG_3681_zps2ms4fsai.jpg

I tried it on my hand to take of Peri’s Ink swatch and it couldn’t but I’m not going to write this off as lip stains should be much harder to remove.

 photo IMG_3682_zpsobyu5fqj.jpg
 photo IMG_3685_zpsa1uqshhp.jpg

I even tried my Missha Cleansing Oil and it only took off a little more. The stain is still set on my hand. The Clean it Zero took off the Etude House Play 101 pencil no problem and that puppy was SET on my hand. Right now the full size is on sale at RRS with free shipping ($17.48)!

Mamonde 7 Days Mask Project – Lifting

The packaging for these Mamonde 7 Days Mask Project line caught my eye. Why would you sell your masks like this? Well, Korean women who are die-hards about their skin care routine will wear a sheet mask EVERY DAY. When I was 26 and got my first box of 10 masks, I finally finished it after 2 years. Would you say that gave me any benefit by putting on a sheet mask once every two months? No, probably did nothing. But if you’re putting on a mask every day, the results would surely show if you have the right mask.

So Mamonde cleverly packaged their sheet masks differently and coined it as a “7 days project” – one mask, every day, for a week. For some people, yes, that does seem like a project on its own. Who has the time!? But all those sheet masks aren’t doing you any good if it’s not on your face (or neck, or hands, or feet). Mamonde, challenge accepted!

 photo Mamande7DaysProject_zpsmsusel25.jpg

Etude House Play Pencil 101 – #31

 photo IMG_3678_zpseoshujkg.jpg

Lastly, my poor boyfriend went shopping with me through all of Taipei and waited while I swatched almost all of Etude House’s Play 101 Pencils on my hand. After all that, I only bought ONE Play Pencil because I couldn’t justify getting MORE eye makeup. I kept thinking if I should’ve gotten the #31 shimmery purple/brown pencil so I just threw it in since I didn’t reach into the next shipping tier price of $23.

 photo IMG_3679_zpsqyul26mp.jpg

Here are the swatches in a different angle, the shade changes.  Top is when applied straight from pencil and bottom is tapped out with finger and used as an eyeshadow. Testing them in person at the Etude House store made me see how well these set and don’t budge! Heart!

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Body Oil

 photo IMG_3672_zpsyy38exmy.jpg

I had the pleasure of trying this out when I was in Taipei and didn’t think much of it until I was back in the hotel and can still feel the baby-smooth skin on the back of hand. The mousse didn’t impress me but results did. The only problem was that it was $25 USD in the TCFS booth inside the Eslite 116 department store in Ximengding and I knew the going rate on ebay was about $15-$18, shipped. So I added this at a RRS price of $13.21.


 photo IMG_3659_zpsm8f8maws.jpg

RoseRose Shop Ordering Notes:

  • RRS site looks outdated and not very user-friendly. They sell wholesale lots as well just make sure you go to the “Sort by” box and click on “Lowest Price first” so you can see everything by lowest price. This will push all the wholesale lots selling at upwards of $$$$ all the way to the end. When I first looked on this site, I thought it was wholesale only. And who needs 10 Peripera Lumi Pang lip tints? No, really you don’t!
  • Also because I hate clicking “next page”, the bottom left has a drop-down to display at most 50 items at once. I would “view all” if I could. Why must you make shopping so hard? Don’t you want my money?
  • Shop their discounted tabs first. This is how I found the Mediheal and To Be Nang masks, I wasn’t planning on getting these but the great discount got me.
  • Check out their FREE SHIPPING tab as well. Great popular items will have a weight of zero for free shipping and adding it to your haul won’t make it cost more.
  • Their landing page with the rotating banner will feature a large selection of brands/specials on sale.
  • Make sure you pay attention to your shipping charges. I refreshed my cart every time I added a new item to make sure the jump in shipping was worth it overall. I noticed when I added the Mamonde mask, shipping jumped from  $18 to $23 so I ordered less of the To Be Nang masks to maximize the entire value of my order.
  • I didn’t get an email with the tracking # but when I went back to my account, there was a message with the tracking. So check your account messages for tracking info.
  • CUSTOMS: They marked the package as a GIFT and valued the “skincare samples” as $20 USD. This will help other countries with stricter customs bypass quicker.
  • They are also on ebay as “RubyRubyShop” where shipping is free if you only want one or two items. Prices are marked up just a little bit to account for ebay fees and shipping but it’s still very affordable.

Ordered submitted on: April 5, 2015

Received tracking info on: April 6, 2015

They shipped on: April 8, 2015

Received in NYC on: April 18, 2015

The order was in transit for 10 business days exactly (2 weeks!!).  They pride themselves that they ship within 3 days of receiving your order and they did exactly that! (I’ve had a TesterKorea order that didn’t get shipped until 4 WEEKS later! URGH!). Very good experience, felt like I got great value. Although the site was a bit finicky to shop on, I got the tracking info and my package in a timely manner. They have such great variety and are always putting out new specials. Would definitely shop here again.

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