Today’s the last day for the EPIC $5 sale at Memebox but you must act quickly otherwise items will sell out even as you’re checking out. In the old days when Memebox was shipping internationally, they would feature a few $5 items to lure you in with a great deal. Now Memebox occasionally have blowout sales for the USA but it’s frustrating when these items are only available for a couple minutes before selling out!

I’m on a “low-buy” from now until eternity so I would need a very good reason to impulse buy and this sale was nudging at my wallet. I happen to check at the right time yesterday when fresh stock was uploaded and impulse-bought so quickly I didn’t even know what I really bought – sorry, not sorry. Click on to see my $35 order valued at $223.80. 

Memebox $5 Sale July 2015Shipping is free when you order over $30 so this is where making a wishlist comes in handy for quickly adding items you’ve been lusting over to make free shipping. When half my cart sold out before I was able to check out, I decided to just walk away and said “I have enough”. I lost the Peripera BB Cushion, Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Toner, and Facejam Cool & Ice Modeling Pack.  I weened myself off the Memebox VIP program so they would stop throwing points at me and add to unnecessary (but fun) spending.


I happened to check the page when they uploaded FRESH STOCK a.k.a. high value items and started adding items to cart like fire. I didn’t even notice how the ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub was still in my cart from another day and I unknowingly ordered 2 instead of 1. I had some hesitancy at checking out and deleted an Innisfree bottle when I realized it was foundation (not even in my shade) instead of sunscreen.

Other unbelievable items listed for $5: It’s Skin Prestige Mask D’escargot BB Cream and 5 piece sheet mask set, Dr. Jart Pore Medic Minish Primer, Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Cream, Too Cool for School CC Cream and Blush or Higlighter Duo, etc.

Memebox $5 Sale Haul

Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Cream, Value: $68.40

Memebox had a bunch of other Tony Moly Timless Ferment Snail items in the $5 blowout as well but I didn’t get to the Essence, Cleanser or Toner on time! The eye cream comes in a set where you get the Emulsion and Toner to try so that’s not too bad for five bills.

Description: Deliver nutrition and moisture to keep your eye area silky, soft.  Formulated with Snail Extract, and Gold Extract you can now coat and revitalize your tired eyes in luxury.  Keep your eyes ageless with the help of various beneficial ingredients like Adenosine, Niacinamide, Cactus Extract, and Eucalyptus Leaves to create a bright, healthy, youthful look. 30ml.

ElishaCoy Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub, Value: $24.20

Sure I could use a scrub… after I’m done with the five I have waiting to get used first. At a glance, I thought this was a body scrub and I like to stock on up on these from Bath and Body Works since the winter in NYC is hell on my legs. This is for your face after reading the description but since I accidentally bought two, I might just use it on my body anyway. ElishaCoy has a decent snail line so I was familiar with this brand through that. The snail foam cleanser was on sale for $5 on the first day but I was compelled enough to put in a full order.

Description: This yummy sugar scrub will nourish and moisturize to give you velvety soft skin. It is rich in polyphenols, a compound that belongs to a group of antioxidants that promote younger, healthy looking skin. 70g.

Bergamo CC Cream SPF 50, Value: $32

I never even heard of the Bergamo brand before but at $5, why not try it? It comes in the pump tube where the CC cream is dispensed from the top and has 50 SPF. CC Cream means Color Correcting and offers almost the same benefits as BB Cream except it’s more for brightening your skin tone so a lot of times CC creams will come in a white colored cream and some will change color and adjust to the color of your skin. This one is a color changing one but I hope it doesn’t leave a white cast.

Description: Bergamo’s CC Cream provides a flawless and dewy finish without the greasy and heavy feeling on the skin. Its lightweight texture easily blends onto the skin and also moisturizes, primes and protects (SPF 50) the skin all throughout the day. This multifunctional CC Cream also helps in controlling excessive oil production and gradually fades dark spots/acne scars with continuous usage. 40g.

Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation in #W2 Glow, Value: $20

I’m actually still a BB Cushion virgin. I know, how can I call myself a kbeauty blogger?!?! I’m trying to control my spending and having a few things remain on my wishlist helps me feel…complete? I know it’s counter intuitive but there’s always going to be a desire to get “something” so I’ll NOT get the BB cushion and let that be my thirst. When the time actually comes (or when there’s an epic sale), I’ll be able to quench that thirst in a more satisfying way after waiting for a good period. Anyway, this foundation compact is not a cushion but I also don’t carry a compact around with me either so at $5, I’ll give this a try.

Description: Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation mainly contains Jeju’s natural mineral powder which helps the skin achieve a smooth, flawless finish. This foundation efficiently melts onto the skin, giving medium to full coverage to effectively cover skin imperfections. It also protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun for it contains SPF 32/PA++ which would make the skin less prone to wrinkles, sun spots and other skin troubles caused by overexposure under the sun. Experience smooth and silky skin with a nice dewy glow with Innisfree’s Mineral Melting Foundation.

IPKN Hydro & Pore BB Cream – All in One Shade, Value: $35

I really didn’t need another BB Cream but I guess I’ll hate myself at the cost of $5. After reading the description to figure out what I bought (I literally shopped and checked out in under 3 minutes), I realized this BB cream is not suitable for my skin although it says that it offers hydration. This is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin and I have normal to dry. I’m also not sure how the “all in one shade” will look as I think this version is older because IPKN now makes this Hydro & Pore BB cream in two shades. This will probably go into a swap/sell pin board. Doh!

Description: This hydrating BB Cream formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract helps soothe troubled skin while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of pores.  Cover your blemishes and heal them over time with this fresh and light textured Beauty/ Blemish Balms you can not only keep your skin hydrated, prevent wrinkles, brighten your skin tone, cover blemishes , and also control oil and sebum protection. This BB Cream is ideal for people with oily to trouble-prone skin. 40ml.

Peripera Choco Choco Brow Mascara in 001 Dark Choco, Value: $20

Adorbs! I love these “browcara” type mascaras for your brows because they are super quick and provide tinting and grooming in one easy step. I think the $20 valuation is inflated but $5 nonetheless is a good deal.

Description: Formulated with white pearl, diamond ruby powder, honey extract, white birch sap to help complete a clean but vivid three-dimensional brow and volume quickly and easily. This smudge-proof brow mascara will stay put even in sweat and water with this waterproof formula. Transform and color sparce brows into thick, full and defined brows that are long-lasting, buildable and natural looking.

So Are These Flash Sales Worth it?

The total amount of products I bought were at a meme-value of $223.80 and I paid $35 with free shipping. I didn’t absolutely need any of these things but who can resist a super epic sale? I was able to withhold when there wasn’t enough good stuff up and that took a lot of will power. I had to think about my expense sheet that keeps track of my kbeauty spending and my low-buy budget of $100 this month.

Memebox made me impulse buy (shame on you!) and I didn’t even know half the stuff I bought! With no time to research or hem and haw over a purchase, they got me good. I bought a BB cream that wasn’t truly right for my skin and a CC Cream that I probably would not have purchased given its unfamiliar brand name to me. You win some and you lose some. This is how I’ll cap off my low-buy for July.

There are still lots of lippies and other things listed if you have some money to burn. Did you buy anything from the sale? How do you feel about these amazing $5 sales? Frustrating or gratifying?