Extremely late post but I thought I would do a straight unboxing with booklet page information on this just to have on record. Peach and Lily had their first Seocialite Box last year and it sold out in a day and a half. The second Seoulcialite Box came with almost no warning and sold out in under 6 hours! Peach and Lily gave instagrammers a one day notification on June 29, 2015 that the Seoulciliate Box 2.0 was coming on June 30th. The account said to make sure that you’re signed up to receive their newsletter because a spoiler and the special code would be in their email. The box was worth about $177.50 if paid for individually but with code SBOX2, it was only $49 with free shipping. Because it’s a very good value, referrals codes were deactivated for this offer. Peach and Lily is NOT a box subscription company so this is an extra special treat!

Full look at Seoulcialite Box 2.0 items and booklet information after the jump!

The Seoulcialite Box 2.0About Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily curates the best brands and products from all over Korea and Japan that use natural ingredients. They are changing the way we access, discover and shop for Asian beauty by providing us an informational and guided shopping experience. Asian beauty products are almost 12 years ahead of skincare innovation than USA-made products and with the industry always 10 steps ahead, it’s hard to keep up with that’s new after snail slime or dragon’s blood. Peach and Lily takes out all the searching and researching for us because they’re on pulse with the newest beauty technology and is our portal to Asia’s best in beauty.

The Seoulcialite Box 2.0

They are NOT a box subscription service but it looks like they will have their Seoulcialite Box annually because of its popularity. It’s got fun factor because of mystery items and items that haven’t yet made it to the Peach and Lily site. There is also an enormous value since this box is about 75% off normal retail. Looking at the first Seoulcialite box (which I didn’t have the chance to buy at the time), I eventually bought almost every item in that first box anyway (the Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, be the skin Face Polisher, and banila co. Clean it Zero)!

Promotion Period and Shipping Issues

It was promised to start shipping in the third week of July but customers didn’t receive any

The Seoulcialite Box 2.0 email
The Seoulcialite Box 2.0 email – start prepping to get your hands on this now!

sort of communication about the status of the shipments until the fourth week in July. Peach and Lily were busy promoting their QVC segment and NYC Sample Sale (my event coverage here) but they sent out a very heartfelt email from their co-founder and CEO, Alicia Yoon, with an explanation and update on the boxes. There was a slight delay with getting all the components from Korea to start assembling the boxes. They were shipped on a rolling basis, meaning they shipped in batches and you wouldn’t know when you were going to get it until you received an email notification. I was unfortunately in one of the latter groups and didn’t get it until August 5, 2015. Altogether, the box was late by 2 weeks as stated from their original communications. Having bought the box on June 30th and receiving it by August 5th, that’s quite a long time to wait. I wasn’t in a rush to get my box but I did forget about it until my birthday rolled around since it was meant as a bday gift to myself. If there is a possible Seoulcialite Box 3.0 for next year, be sure to sign up for their emails now!

Unboxing + Booklet Information

The Seoulcialite Box 2.0 opened box

The Seoulcialite Box 2.0 intro page
Peach and Lily – Welcome to the Seoulcialite Life! Click to enlarge.

Peach and Lily curated the Seoulcialite Box based on staff favorites and from their most recent trip to Seoul (you should follow their #SeoulBeautyTripping tag!). A lot of research and time is dedicated to finding the best products and what you find on their website are the ones that made the cut. This box is special because it’s an exclusive preview of what’s to come to their site. The box itself is reusable and magnetic – I’m definitely keeping it to store my precious! Last year’s box was a pretty purple. Their booklet is uber helpful because it gives a blurb on the company and product, a “How to use” and “Why we chose it” explanation.

Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box 2.0 unboxing reveal

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask – Two Units

These were the spoilers in the email announcement. It was an easy decision to get the box based on the spoilers because A.) GOLD MASKS?! and B.) I haven’t tried a modeling mask yet! The gold anti-bacterial spatula and rubber bowl for mixing the gold packet and collagen powder packets together was also really useful for furture modeling masking endeavors. Peach and Lily already sell some items from Shangpree but these modeling masks are new offering from them. Shangpree is an award-winning spa in Korea and the specialists there go through very rigorous training before they can even touch a client’s face. The normal set of five single-use masks would be $95 and we get two units in our boxes. The spatula and bowl set is worth $10.

PeachLily_Seoulcialite_2.0 Shangpree Gold Masks

PeachLily_Seoulcialite_2.0 Shangpree Gold Masks booklet
Click to enlarge.

Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner – Travel Size

Yes! The Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner! I mentioned PL was promoting their NYC sample sale while the boxes were in transit and I got this box after the first day of the sample sale where I saw the Bitgoa Hue Essence but wasn’t able to get a bottle of my own (they went so quickly!). I’m so happy to be able to try this even if it’s a travel size. This is a fermented toner that will balance the pH of your skin (4.5 – 5.5 pH) and allow for the beneficial ingredients like lotus, soybean, pumpkin, rice, pomegranate, milk and rye extracts to penetrate in your skin. I LOVE toners. I use them multiple times in a day.

PeachLily_Seoulcialite_2 (3)
Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner – Travel Size
Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner - Travel Size Booklet Info. Click to enlarge.
Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner Booklet Info. Click to enlarge.

Shangpree S-Energy Cleansing Gel and Crystal BB Cream – Samples

There were two foil packet samples of more Shangpree products (that also made an appearance at the NYC Sample Sale) and I thought it was nice that they still included a description in their information booklet!  I usually wouldn’t write much about the samples in my orders but I’ll include the booklet info in case readers are curious to try these out too. The Crystal BB Cream was used in one of Michelle Phan’s videos (and so was the Cremorlab Cleansing Veil wipes) .

Shangpree S-Energy Cleansing Gel and Crystal BB Cream - Samples
Click to enlarge

SKIN INC. Custom Blended Serums

SKIN INC. has been appearing in Sephora and other online publications like IntoTheGloss because of it’s unique company value proposition that it customizes it’s products to YOUR individual skin type. We would get one of the three choices of serums and I got the Soothing serum formulated with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid. Receiving a random serum from this brand seemed counter-intuitive to me since they’re supposed to be customized, right? I went onto their brand website to read more about the customization process and after answering a survey, there are 84 possible serum concoctions under their Skin Identity tab where you can buy a “My Daily Dose” serum for $90 (three bottles at 3.4 fl.oz). There are pre-“customized” serums but the real deal is their “My Daily Dose” product. The serums use capsule technology where the star ingredients are within the colorful little beads that burst upon usage. This ensures that active ingredients stay potent for as long as possible until it comes in contact with your skin.

SKIN INC. Soothing Serum
SKIN INC. Soothing Serum. Look at that capsule technology.
SKIN INC Seoulcialite Box 2.0 booklet info
Darn lighting… Click to enlarge
SKIN INC Seoulcialite Box 2.0 booklet info
Click to enlarge

Dr. Dream Rose Line Mild Natured Powder Cleanser

Ahh! Powder cleansers have been popping up on the American market because they eliminate the need for sulfates to make the foaming/bubbling action or the need for as many preservatives, dyes, parabens or alcohol since there isn’t any water or glycerin used to contain the ingredients together. Instead, the enzymes from many plants and finely grounded minerals would deep cleanse and the fine grains from the powder would also create a light exfoliation. Generally these are good for all skin-types and especially good for sensitive skin or people with rosacea. You mix water at the time you’re ready to use it which also means that it’s travel friendly.

Rose by Dr. Dream bottle
Dr. Dreamy, errr Dr. Dream, is this Rose for me?

Dr. Dream is a new brand to me but they are from one of the largest leading plastic surgery clinics in Korea. They have very discerning clientele and use the best of science to take tje best care of skin. Their Rose line uses rose stem cell and rosewater to remove dirt but also leave the skin feeling moist.

Dr. Dream Rose Line Mild Natured Powder Cleanser booklet info
Click to enlarge


COSRX Apple Zone Power Patch

This full-sized box contains 4 packets of what are essentially point-masks meant to target treatment to one specific spot on your face/body. These masks target your cheeks or what COSRX is calling your “Apple Zone” which makes sense as these are for the apples of your cheeks. I will save these for the winter time because my cheeks will suffer from wind-burn and dry patches because they are the highest points on your face and need extra treatment. Your cheeks also get the most UV sun damage since they face the sun more prominently than other areas of your face. These are basically extra-large hydro gel eye patches for your under eye. I suppose these are nice to have but it’s not something I squealed over.

COSRX Apple Zone Patches
Point masks for the apples of your cheeks
COSRX Apple Zone Patches
Click to enlarge

Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask

This specific Jeju Volcanic masks was picked to combat the large pores we’ll probably get from sweat and extra oils/sebum production from the summer heat. The mask not only has Jeju volcanic clay but binchotan charcoal powder AND Ciracle’s pore tightening serum to suck out impurities from pores and putting moisture back into the skin. I didn’t think this mask was a big deal until I read the booklet info in full. Wow, the mask isn’t chemically dyed black and instead it has bits of real charcoal weaved right into the cotton sheet. I have to try this out soon now!

Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask
Jeju Volcanic Clay + Binchotan Charcoal + Ciracle’s own serum formula = Triple Whammy!
Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask booklet info
Click to enlarge

Be the Skin Moisture Natural Cleansing Soap

My face dropped when I saw a bar of soap in the mix, in a bad way. Huh? Wut? Why? The Be the Skin cleansing soap is meant for facial cleansing and I honestly have never used a bar soap for facial cleansing since the last time I borrowed a Neutrogena facial soap from my cousin in a sleepover when I was in middle school. Since the kbeauty addiction has been on full blast this year, bar soaps seem so last century. If you’re nodding your head with me, maybe the info from the booklet will change your mind.

Be the Skin Moisture Natural Cleansing Soap
Back to Basics baby

This is a 100% handmade certified organic facial soap free of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and fragrance. It’s good for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. There are three types and Seoucialites got one at random in their boxes. I got Calendula which has calendula and licorice extracts. Calendula is known to combat eczema, dermatitis and scarring. It’s supposed to be a very gentle soap so I might try this or give it to my boyfriend to use since he’s not as discerning as I am. I would love to try it but I have too many other goodies to go through first. A bar soap just doesn’t seem as exciting to me but Peach and Lily did say that this is a “back to basics” type of product. I wanted to look further into the ingredients but a list was not provided on the back of the soap nor in the booklet.

Be the Skin Moisture Natural Cleansing Soap booklet info
Click to enlarge

Conclusion – Don’t Miss Out on the Seoulcialite Life Next Time

I’ll admit that I wasn’t blown away upon the initial unboxing but it wasn’t until I read the information booklet in full that I appreciated all the products more. Half the box was filled with different masks which I don’t quite mind since the modeling masks are really awesome and different. I misjudged the Ciracle mask as “just” a sheet mask but from the booklet, it has triple the power. As for the Apple Zone patches, I won’t tend to just treat my cheeks but I guess I’ll have to try this out now.

I can’t wait to try the Shangpree Hue Essence and and SKIN INC. serum. I was turned off by powder cleansers at first because they require an extra step of adding water but you can’t knock it until you try it (I already have a big bottle from another brand that I need to crack open). The Be the Skin bar soap is also another item that I’m hesitant to try because I’m just not comfortable reverting back to using a bar soap on my face but the booklet description relaxed my fears a little bit that it’s organic and even good for sensitive skin. A real test will tell but I’m more willing to try this out at least.

In conclusion, this box is all about new and different items meant to take you out of your comfort zone a little bit. This is what the kbeauty adventure is all about! I already read reviews from other bloggers and most of them agree that it didn’t seem like an “amaze-balls” box at first but they eventually warmed up to the box’s contents with some time. For $49, I wouldn’t have paid any more than that for what we got. If Peach and Lily decide to do another Seoulcialite Box for next year, I would probably still be on board to get it (after seeing a spoiler of course).

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What did you think of the box? What would be your favorite item to try? Do you want to get in on the box next time?