K-beauty is multiplying! The insanity is just not stopping and I’m LOVING it. I’ve lived in Chinatown, NYC practically all my life and the closest shopping destination used to be the South Street Seaport‘s Pier 17. I actually worked at the Express and Coach store once upon a time. Retail businesses suffered since Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the community in 2012 but I’m thrilled to say that the Seaport District has been hugely revitalized! There are free music fests, a permanent Smorgasburg (inside the Fulton Street Market where the Gap used to be), outdoor seating and a plethora of new bars and restaurants that add vibrancy back to the neighborhood. The new Pier 17 will also open in 2017. Little did I know that they are also heavily on-trend in the beauty scene because there’s a temporary K-beauty pop-up shop from JKNLEE. I collaborated with the South Street Seaport, did a photo tour of the space and picked up some things too!

Getting There/Location

JKNLEE Pop-Up Shop (through the end of summer 2016)
192 Front Street
South Street Seaport
Manhattan, NY 10038

The pop-up shop is a little off the beaten path. As you enter South Street Seaport from Water Street, 192 Front Street is on your right hand side. Walk past Ambrose and it’s across the street from the children’s park. It is a huge airy space, much bigger than their permanent store in E. Broadway, Chinatown. There are temporary walls creating separation from another store but it’s not that distracts from shopping. There are makeup stools, makeup remover wipes, cute rustic wood detail and mirrors abound to get you playing with all the goodies they have. JKNLEE is occupying this space until the end of summer/beginning of fall for the time being so make haste and visit the Seaport District!

South St Seaport JKNLee Pop-Up Shop
Spacious makeup playground!

JKNLEE carries Club Clio Professional, Goodal, Peripera, SOO AE, Dr. G, Derma Dr.Lab and at this particular location, Bonvivant and Nooni, Memebox branded skincare. There is a lot of variety here so don’t be shy to ask the salespeople what they recommend. They may know limited English but they really know their skincare and makeup.

I’m most interested in checking out the skincare brand, Dr. G because it’s never been as accessible to me as it is now. “Dr. G” stands for Dr. Gun Y. Ahn and he’s the man behind Gowoonsesang Dermatology Networks, with 14 branch offices in South Korea. In the pop-up shop, there were tons and tons of testers to try and lots of useful descriptions on what each product does without needing to bother a salesperson. The Derma Dr.Lab is also interesting and has a similar clinical look to its packaging. Their Hydromoist line got me with their fermented ingredients! I caved and bought a cleanser I don’t need at the moment, the Mild Bubble Foam which is also suitable for sensitive skin. I’ll just look at it and dream about the day I can finally use it.

You can click through the entire photo tour here below (I’m loving this new Steller app I found from fanserviced-b)!


See my haul pictures from Snapchat here!


JKNLEE had an amazing July 4th 50% off everything sale (except jewelry or Memebox items) and it was unbelievable!!!! The sale marked Peri’s Lip Inks down to $8 a pop, Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner sets (with the mini cleansing oil) $10, and my Derma Dr.Lab cleanser only $10. No wonder I got things I didn’t really need, heh. Though the J. Gracelet earrings were not on sale, $18 was a decent price to pay for adorable rose-gold prism earrings. I went back another day to fawn over the gorgeous rings.

While you’re here, enjoy a meal, drink or a crazy Hong Kong egg waffle with ice cream from Wowfulls inside the permanent Smorgasburg space in Fulton Market! There are plenty of louge chairs and seats under the shade where you can relax on the historic cobblestones of the Seaport District.

JKNLEE South Street Seaport pop up shop Wowfulls
Wowfulls Green Tea Milkshake (minus the HK egg waffle because I was too full from tacos). Don’t forget to ask for the Pocky toppers!

My favorite hidden spot of grass is at the top of Pier 15’s second floor where Watermark Bar is. There are beautiful views of the water and fresh air – you might even catch some water Pokémon! I absolutely adore the Seaport and hope that this community makes you smile too!

JKNLEE South Street Seaport pop up shop

Have you been to the South District lately? Visited the pop-up shop yet? Tell me about your experience! Any questions? Please ask in the comments!