Photo Tour: It’s Demo in Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Location

Photo Tour: It’s Demo in Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Location

If you love cute character items and cosmetics, It’s Demo is a MUST-VISIT. The little kid inside you will scream with joy because it knows adult-you can buy everything you ever wanted as a child. This is getting a little meta but It’s Demo is the best store to indulge all those irrational desires for a Sailor Moon shaped compact or a My Melody phone case. At least with makeup and fashion accessories, it’s quasi-functional. It’s Demo has been described as a fashion convenience store because it also houses hair, phone and general accessories, hosiery, totes, decorative cookies and of course cosmetics as the main attraction. Their specialty is carrying almost anything with a cartoon character on it which ranges from Disney’s Frozen (and all Disney Princesses), Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, Doremon and even classic OG Sanrio characters like Keroppi, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Cinnamoroll! The store seems gears towards the 13 – 25 demo as the majority of the items were a little too kiddy for my personal taste but it was still worth a visit! I took photos from the Shibuya location where my Airbnb was located. Click to read more and peek inside.

It’s Demo
〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawacho, 24−4 センター244ビル

To start, It’s Demo has an official Instagram It’s fairly updated and you can see product shots there. I went during Halloween 2016 so you’ll Halloween themed products. Read my Shopping Tips As A Tourist post to prepare for your trip!



Not opened yet. All the cartoons are trapped inside!


Same pic in the lively Shibuya streets.

Normal (non-cartoon) K-palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliners

Japan likes to glam up hand cream by putting a little dangling charm

Disney Princess nail polishes

Mixed in with Alice in Wonderland, I see some Koh Gen Do products!


I believe the Cleansing Water is 2,800 Yen.


Famous Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation right here in a kids cosmetic shop.


Drool. To see Japanese Retail prices, go to and translate to English


Eyelash Curlers

Pokemon nail polishes

Some sake toners on the bottom shelf that are popular

Eyelash glue

SAILOR MOON. You bow down to her.

More nails supplies, mascaras and eyelash glue

Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse

Anti-bacterial sanitizers, hand creams, and lip balms

CANMAKE pressed powders

Disney themed Moteliners as well as the regular liners

Disney Princess DHC themed tinted lip balms

OPERA Sheer Lippies

OPERA Sheer Lippies; these are also at Loft and Ainz and Tulpe too.

More cosmetics items from the 1 Day Tattoo brand

Revlon Asia products, some products not available in the USA

No idea what Purfle Lip is. More SAILOR MOON BELOW.

Pompompurin is still popular in Japan :3

Pompompurin madness

Cute Japanese notebooks

“Miniaturely Tablet”?

Ahh, ok theyre pill-holders

… tons of pill-holders


Latte art stencils. OF COURSE youll find these in Japan lol


Small stationery section


Small totes for lunch… or for small children… or lunch for small children.


Japan loves Snoopy and Charlie Brown.


Cute Character cookies make good gifts for friends back home ٩(◕‿◕)۶


Japanese schoolgirls stopped by here to buy little birthday gifts. Awww (* ^ ω ^)


Colored contacts. Be aware that contacts for astigmatism need to be ordered online, I tried to find them and every store said they don’t carry them.