Photo Tour: Shiseido Parlour – Ginza, Japan

Photo Tour: Shiseido Parlour – Ginza, Japan

Across the street from Shiseido The Ginza is Shiseido Parlour, the original building of where the company was founded. Shiseido Parlour is an old-timey style confectionery shop on the ground level with Faro, an Italian restaurant, cafe, penthouse bar and banquet hall on the upper levels. You’ll naturally gravitate towards the glossy, dark red exterior of the building and be greeted by giant roses made out of lipstick bullets! Half the reason you come to Japan is for the food and there are quite a few snacks you can buy to bring back home or dine-in to enjoy the ambiance of Ginza’s high-class culture.

Shiseido Parlour
8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

You may wonder why confectionery and cosmetics met at a crossroads (quite literally) as these two buildings are next to each other. 1902 is when the founder, Arinobu Fukuhara, installed the first ever Western style soda machine inside Shiseido’s pharmacy. From his business trips, he saw how European and American drugstores sold soda and ice cream and he was inspired to bring that same type of fun and convenience to Japan. To keep the authenticity, he imported all materials like syrup, cups, spoons and the soda machine to recreate the experience. This location became the pioneer in serving authentic Western cuisine and a symbol in Ginza. The business eventually developed into Shiseido Ice Cream Parlour in 1928 and now it is the existing Shiseido Parlour with many popular boxed pastries and sweets that you can take home to enjoy (source).


Shiseido Parlour across the street from Shiseido The Ginza.


Rose made out of lipstick bullets!


Same 1900’s Ice Cream Parlour feel.

The other floors consist of:

  • Salon de Cafe – 3rd floor (Seated dessert and coffee dining area)
  • Shiseido Parlour Restaurant – 4.5 floor (Western Cuisine with a Japanese Touch)
  • World Shiseido – 9th floor (Banquet Hall)
  • Faro Shiseido – 10th floor (Modern Italian cuisine using Japanese ingredients)
  • BAR/S – 11th floor

Directory. Pst. The Strawberry Parfait is like, $16 USD

Popular Shiseido Parlour Items:

  • Cheesecake Cubes! 6 pieces is 1,836 Yen
  • Sables Au Fromage – Cheese Biscuits. 18 pieces is 1,350 Yen
  • Biscuits “Hanatsubaki” (Camellia flower) – 24 pieces is 1,620 Yen
  • Maquillage Chocolates in the shape of the “Hanatsubaki” (assorted varieties, pictured below 259 Yen a piece)




Shiseido Parlour Cheesecake Cubes

Shiseido Parlour Cheesecake Cubes. Source: Rakuten Global

Sables Au Fromage

Shiseido Parlour Sables Au Fromage. Source: Rakuten Global

Shiseido Parlour Biscuits "Hanatsubaki"

Shiseido Parlour Biscuits “Hanatsubaki”. Source: Rakuten Global

Other Shiseido Parlour Locations

There are other outlets that sell the special boxed Shiseido treats. Check out this link for other Shiseido Parlour counters/outlets.


Have you tried any of the Shiseido Parlour treats? Unfortunately I didn’t buy anything because I stumbled upon this location and didn’t know what to buy when I was there! I would’ve loved to try the cheesecake cubes but next time! Let me know how everything was if you got the chance to dine in the lovely Shiseido Parlour Restaurant or Cafe!