Photo Tour: Innisfree Union Square, New York City

Much loved eco-forward brand, Innisfree, opened it’s first flagship in New York City. This will be the first location out of five to eight planned openings in the next year! Innisfree sources all their ingredients responsibly from Korea’s richest natural resource, Jeju Island. Jeju is unique because it’s a volcanic island which makes the island’s soil dense with minerals and vitamins. The island’s climate, soil richness, and preservation efforts from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site gives the island the ability to grow incredibly potent and lush plant life. Although many of you may have already ordered your precious Innisfree products online, there are store-only offerings like customizing your own mix-in clay masks, building your own palettes and BB cushions, and not to mention using the store’s digital shade finder tool to help you choose your perfect foundation shade out of 14 choices! Click through to tour the entire store and see my first YouTube video!

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