Orgaid is a new organic beauty company and their very first product is a sheet mask. They are founded in Illinois, United States taking an Eastern beauty product and making it their own. Its founder, Dr. Ian Baek, developed the first “Made in USA” sheet mask and for those who requested a pre-production sample last month, we received it to try earlier this week. Sheet masks have long been in the market in Asia and there are many different kinds and price points so how did this stand up to sheet masks made in Asia?

EDIT 10/17/2015: Orgaid has seen reviews of the pre-production sample and noticed how the post office has damaged all their samples as other reviewers have also noted the poor fit and cut of their masks. I was sent another sample in a sturdy cardboard box and have edited my review to reflect the uncompromised mask! Click to read more!


EDIT: Below is the second sample to review once Orgaid saw that they should have packed their masks from damage in the mail. I didn’t really believe that transit roughed up the masks that much but I was proven wrong once I opened up the packet! 

EDIT: The second sample arriving very safely in a cardboard box.
EDIT: The second sample arriving very safely in a cardboard box.

Ingredient List

Orgaid is very proud to have USDA Certified Organic ingredients. The star ingredients are Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. It is good for all skin types. There are 5 FREE, which include:

  • NO parabens
  • NO formaldehyde
  • NO alcohols
  • NO phthalates
  • NO sulfates


The list is nice and short!

water, organic aloe vera juice, witch hazel distillate, niacinamide, (vitamin B3), kosher vegetable glycerin, lactobacilius ferment, hyaluronic acid, maltodextrin, arginine, carbomer, organic willow bark extract, organic lavender extract, organic rosemary extract, organic horsetail extract, organic green tea extract.

This mask is marketed as Anti-aging and Moisturizing and the star ingredients would certainly aid in that goal. I love how niacinamide is close to the top of the ingredient list and hyaluronic acid is not too far away – this means they are higher in concentrations. The majority of the ingredients is easy to read and not taken over by chemical names.

The Masking

The package says that the fabric of the sheet mask is made out of “Ecoderma” which helps in preventing the essence from evaporating too fast. They recommended to mask for 20 – 30 minutes which is the normal amount of time to wear a sheet mask. There’s 22ml of essence which is also a normal amount.


EDIT: The second sample. Much better unmasking this time. Flat and nicely folded where the first one was already raggedy.
EDIT: The second sample. Much better unmasking this time. Flat and nicely folded where the first one was already raggedy.

I was pumped to try this on right away but there was already disappointment upon opening the paper packet. I already had warning from earlier Instagram pictures that the sheet itself was poor quality in that the edges weren’t smooth, it was hard to take out of the package and unfold as well as the eye, nose and mouth holes were too large. I inspected the mask inside and it did not look like a neatly folded sheet mask as I would expect from my Asian brands.

Yeaaaa, clumped up together.
Yeaaaa, clumped up together.
EDIT: So much better.
EDIT: So much better.

I took the mask out and it was a hot mess. The mask did not look folded at all. This what it looks like without trying to unfold it yet. I can kinda make out the eye/mouth/nose holes but it’s hard to figure out where to start unfolding it out. The sheet fabric was very soft and soggy (which is kinda a good thing because it’s soaked in essence) however it’s so soaked that it lost the integrity of holding up a shape. Some sheet masks in Asia like My Beauty Diary, will have a plastic backing to ensure that the fabric doesn’t loose its shape while still allowing the essence to soak in it. This Orgaid mask really needs a plastic back to make taking it out and unfolding easier. EDIT: The second sample came out world’s better than the first sample. You can see that it’s flat and easy to see where it’s folded. 


EDIT: Mask edges were sharper and structurally sound.
EDIT: Mask edges were sharper and structurally sound.

This picture is not the best but I already see how the eye holes look WAY too big as other igers have mention on Instagram. Upon looking at Orgaid’s instagram, I realize the big eye holes were intentional as it was supposed to not cover the eyebrow area as shown in this stock photo below. EDIT: The eye holes in the second sample were noticeably smaller. I’m not sure if Orgaid actually went back and re-designed the fit based on our reviews that the eye holes were unexpectedly too big. In any case, I’m happier that the eye holes were smaller!

Computer generated perfection = Not real life experience
Computer generated perfection = Not real life experience

The photo uses a computer generated image of the sheet mask and the below is from an actual user:

Orgaid actual user. #reallife
Orgaid actual user. #reallife
EDIT: Fit on the second sample was as expected. No more issues with mouth, nose and eye openings.
EDIT: Fit on the second sample was as expected. No more issues with mouth, nose and eye openings.

I can understand why the eye holes seem too big  but people who sheet-mask errday would expect something different and think that this is a terrible fit! I don’t understand then, why are the mouth and nose holes so big? See where the mask ends around my mouth? It’s uneven, straggly and ragged. There is a very thin and ragged line of fabric on my upper lip and the entire area on the sides of my nose were exposed. Not good. EDIT: This problem was fixed in the second sample. The mouth and nose openings were not ragged and fit as expected. 

Sides of my nose exposed, area around my mouth exposed, and upper lip exposed.
EDIT:  No mo' problems!
EDIT: No mo’ problems!
Another glamour shot of the not-so-glamorous sheetmasking life.
EDIT: A bit more glamorous. The sheet mask seems to almost disappear on my face!
EDIT: A bit more glamorous. The sheet mask seems to almost disappear on my face!


The essence didn’t smell at all. It was a clear color and had a normal gel-like and runny texture of what I would normally expect. Wasn’t drippy at all. The fabric soaked up everything and there was nothing left in the packet to pour out and pat on afterwards. No complaints about the essence. It absorbed in a few more minutes after taking the sheet off. Slight sticky feeling but normal for all essences and it’s a moot point since you’re supposed to follow up with the rest of your night time routine. I applied the mask after toner because I wanted it on my bare skin without my normal serum.


I like to leave the mask until the it’s still wet but starting to dry out. This “Ecoderma” fabric did as it claimed and it really did keep the mask soaking wet for a good hour! My forehead was the first place it started to not feel as soaked so I called it quits at the hour mark. There was a noticeable difference in the texture and plumpness in my skin definitely! It looked really smooth and healthy. I was like, wow! Thank you to my good buddies, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid! I followed up with my normal night and morning routine and my skin the next day (as I’m writing the review now) is BABY SOFT and HYDRATED LIKE A HIPPO IN A WATERING HOLE!


The essence is not the problem here but certainly the delivery of the essence to my skin via a raggedly-looking and holey sheet fabric and the experience in opening it. Is there also a reason why the eye holes were designed to not cover the eyebrows? Orgaid didn’t have any copy regarding the cut of the mask. I usually I prefer my Asian brands because they are cut for Asian features like a smaller noses and narrower/smaller faces but the holes for this sample didn’t cover some critical areas like the sides of your nose where most blackheads and oils are or your upper lip where pimples grow too (there was literally a string of fabric across the upper lip). EDIT: The nose part actually fit my nose quite well where it didn’t leave a ridiculous flap on the tip of my nose. It covered well and didn’t leave those gaping holes in the first sample.

"Hole-y" cow.
“Hole-y” cow.
EDIT: Lay of the second sample. Much much better!
EDIT: Lay of the second sample. Much much better!

Orgaid said in an email that it was due to getting knocked around in shipping but c’mon, the mask did not get kicked in the groin, more like small jabs in the arm. Getting shuffled around in the postal system didn’t suddenly make those eye/mouth/nose holes larger. It’s just a design flaw that needs to get revisited in my opinion. EDIT: I guess those Orgaid guys are right! The second sample kept its structure and smooth texture. Shipping care is very important for the Ecoderma fabric. I think, however that the eye holes got redesigned and perhaps they scrapped the idea of not covering the eye brows. 

I also have a bone to pick with some copy on their website. It says, ” Sheet mask has been developed by Asian companies long beforehand, which has recently been gaining attention in the U.S. Sheet mask gives enough time for the serum to be absorbed deeper into skin, making it convenient for consumers to use. However, the quality of sheet masks from Asian companies do not meet USA consumers’ quality needs, and the products use irritating ingredients such as parabens, fragrance and phenoxyehtanol.” <—(By the way, last word is a typo). I wouldn’t generalize ALL ASIAN BRANDS do not meet the US consumer needs because they carry parabens, fragrance and phenoxyethanol. There are many, many beauty markets that exist in Asia and the organic category is one of them as well. EDIT: Orgaid responded to my observation and although they did not intend to generalize that all Asian brands does not meeting USA quality standards, that wasn’t how the copy read. Taking into consideration my feedback, I saw that they edited their About Us paragraphs to accurately reflect their values and intentions better. 

I can go straight to the GlowRecipe site right now and pick up the Whamisa and Soyedodam sheet masks as they have been curated by the Glow team for natural and effective products. Korean women are very, very, very picky with what products gets to stay in their homes and certain products do meet USA consumers’ quality needs and beyond. EDIT: Orgaid pointed me to a page on their site that explains what they meant by meeting “USA consumers’ quality needs”. They only use ingredients that rate a “1” according to Skin Deep, an independent database of cosmetic ingredient safety. I’ve never heard of this database and I’d try to use this in the future to check safety ratings for questionable ingredients. 

Would I repurchase?

Definitely not. They need to fix the structural integrity of the fabric and the cut/fit. However, the essence is great and does what it claims. I loved the essence! EDIT: Having fixed the sheet mask fit and shipping, yes I would consider buying these masks on my own but only with a discount code or promotion as I think it’s pricey for one mask. I love Asian sheet masks because they are more affordable. There are no chemical preservatives in Orgaid so I don’t want to keep these around long as there is a possibility of bacterial growth or mold (and I’ve seen mold on other sheet masks before!). Thinking about this further, I noticed there isn’t an expiration date printed on the masks. I’m a notorious sheet mask hoarder so I want something that has a shelf life. 


2 out of 5 – Would not repurchase unless the brand fixes some issues.
EDIT: New rating is a 4 out of 5 – Stands a good place on the shelfie but I wouldn’t name this Holy Grail.
The essence is great, the ecoderma fabric is also amazingly thin and retains moisture exceptionally well but I’m not quite there on the price point. A pack of 6 is $30.80 which divies up to ~$5 per mask. I don’t ever spend that much on one mask simply because in this world of options, I can get my needs met within the price range I want. That said, if you’re more particular with organic ingredients that are also rated no higher than a “1” from Skin Deep, Orgaid would be a great choice for you as the essence and effects are amazing and does what it claims.

Orgaid was great to work with and were very receptive to my honest feedback. I was not compensated for this review, in fact samples were mailed to absolutely anyone who requested it before their launch date (and you didn’t have to be a blogger either!). 

  • Laughing at the fit. I will say, as someone with brow tattoos, that not covering the brow is fine with me. If you’ve just gotten them done or if the essence has any exfoliating ingredients, then keep away from the brows! That said…that didn’t explain why the rest of the face was poorly covered. O_o

    • Ahhh, that makes sense. The holes though make the the mask harder to retain its shape. Orgaid sent me another sample to try, this time more protected so I hope they are right that the transit roughed up the mask and it’s not the quality. I’ll update this post when I can get to trying it again.