The Peripera Watery Face Pride Up! BB Cushion is my second cushion so I’m no BB cushion expert but I can already firmly say that this cushion sucks. This is going to be a quick review for others to stay away because it’s not worth buying for all the reasons to follow. If you see this cushion go on super sale, do not fall into temptation. It was $5 on a Memebox sale and $10 at the JKN Lee sample sale. You’ll also see the same cushion repackaged with Disney’s Frozen characters on it since it has a snowflake theme on the casing. It’s SPF 50, PA+++ and I bought it in shade 2 Vanilla Beige. Click to see my complete rants about this product.
Peripera Watery Face Pride Up BB Cushion Review (2)

Product Claims

Peripera is the younger sister brand from Club Clio and the description can be found on Club Clio’s USA website. I’ve paraphrased the claims below:

  • Provides deep hydration
  • Buildable coverage
  • Broad spectrum SPF protection
  • Flawless, dewy complexion
  • Blurs out any redness and imperfections

Packaging, Size, Prices, etc.

This BB cushion is sold without a cushion refill and each refill is at 13 grams which is 2 grams less than the typical 15 grams that you’ll see from most brands. Since this product comes without a refill it’s absurdly overpriced being “on sale” at $29.00 (marked down from $40.00) on the Club Clio website.

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First off, you’ll notice that the puff is smaller than a normal puff. Peripera is a tween’s brand afterall so I guess that’s why it’s made a teensy bit smaller than Missha, Sulwhasoo, Hera, etc. Secondly, the puff isn’t made out of ruby-cell material. Ruby-cell is a blue colored material that is non-absorbent and anti-bacterial (you can read more from this short post from Adordee). Amore Pacific brands like IOPE, Laniege and Etude House will use ruby-cell puffs and you can tell because they are blue colored (with the exception of Sulwhasoo, which is brown). The Peripera puff absorbs all the product and it looks really gross already after the first use. I decided to use my Missha puff instead and put the Peripera puff away.

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Look for ruby-cell puffs ALWAYS. Anti-bacterial, non-absorbent and best for BB cushion application IMO.

The puff is smaller because the cushion itself is smaller because there is 13 grams of product instead of the typical 15 grams. This cushion was truly made for teens because I didn’t get a lot of use of it and the smaller surface area to work with was annoying me. It felt like I was playing with a BB cushion TOY rather than glamming up like the semi-adult I am. My fault that I overlooked the holographic snowflakes as a warning.

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While I adore mini packaging, suckiness isn’t cute.

The #2 Vanilla Beige shade is yellow-toned and blends fine with the puff. When I was looking at this cushion in the Union Square store location the sales person said that these cushions are sheer and won’t cover much. Keeping that in mind, I’m not going to deduct points for lack of coverage since it wasn’t made for that however the product is tacky and sticky feeling. It claims that coverage is buildable but it felt almost cakey and on top of my skin so I wouldn’t want to pile on more. For sheer coverage, I expected it to be more light-weight.

‘Tis not.

It made my skin more even overall but for light coverage with the super-tacky feeling of full-coverage, this didn’t make any beauty sense.

Peripera Watery Face Pride Up BB Cushion Review (9)
Swatched. Yellow-toned. Feels super tacky and heavy even though it’s sheer coverage.

Since the product is tackier and thicker, it’s hard for it to transfer onto the puff too. I had to flip the cushion many times to get product onto my puff and push really hard until I feel the bottom of the cushion case. It doesn’t apply well on my face. Gets patchy. Just. No. It’s already in the trash and this post is the obituary except I got nothing good to say about it.

Peripera Watery Face Pride Up BB Cushion Review (8)
Trying to find where the product is but wait, I don’t care. It’s all going to the garbage.

Rating: 1/5 – Stay away! Save your money for something better!

Short and sweet, if you’re excited to try out a BB cushion, don’t let this disaster ruin your first time (sounds like I’ve given this advice out before). I know I keep saying this is designed for a teenager but I wouldn’t even gift this to a teen (if you love him/her)! Applies poorly, wears poorly, and not much results to show for all the effort.