OMG Lovelies! One of my FAVORITE K-beauty curators is having their 2nd Annual Sample Sale in New York City again! Peach & Lily held the first ever K-beauty Sample sale last August that drew in an epic line around the block and you can read more about my IN-DEPTH, two-day coverage on the blog so you can get an idea of what to expect but honestly I don’t know how they might have changed things except my email tells me there will be MORE products up to 80% off. Brands like Cremorlab, Caolion, Mizon, Kicho, Lagom, and many more will be present! My knees are wobbly just thinking about it! Click to reveal the confirmed date and location! ***I have an UPDATED POST for full sample sale details and photos!***

Ring the alarm.
Ring the alarm.

8/24, Wednesday
8AM – 10PM (or while supplies last)

250 W. 39th Street (b/t 7th & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10018

Email and you’ll be sign up to receive more information

Confirmed list of brands:

  • Be The Skin
  • Cremorlab
  • May Coop
  • Mizon
  • Kicho
  • Lagom
  • Shangpree
  • Dr. Dream
  • 24/7 (makeup)
  • Lady&Skin

What Looks Different

Last year at Peach & Lily‘s first sample sale, it was a two-day event but it seems like they are cutting it down to one day for the public. No word if there will be a VIP/Press event/hour. The event is now earlier and later than last year’s to make up for the 1 day duration. I’m expecting this to be a hot, sweaty zoo because there’s no “I’ll come back tomorrow to shop” opportunity. Doesn’t seem like there will be a Snow Days shaved ice available for purchase which is a good idea since I was too caught up in the frenzy to even glance at the delicious icy treats. It honestly encouraged people to keep “chillin” around while there was an anaconda-long line of anxious shoppers outside. There were people who sat down and just looked at their phones instead of waiting on line to pay but I guess I don’t blame them since it took me 1.5 hours to pay? I hope they can checkout faster this year.

Founder of Peach & Lily, Alicia Yoon, also gave a powder room talk but it doesn’t look like that will happen again as shoppers seemed to be more interested in shopping (or hunting to see if anyone put anything worth buying back on the table/floors). P&L put a lot of thought into the sample sale by having a Mask Bar (that was destroyed within seconds of the letting the crowd in), displaying a new curations table (that nobody looked at because it wasn’t on sale), and a light refreshments table (that I graciously stopped by to refuel). I feel that this sale will be tons better because they porbably took in feedback and lessons learned from their first sample sale rodeo.

What Looks The Same

P&L chose another classy, airy space for their sample sale. It looks like it will have tons of light and although the space last year had plenty of sunlight, it quickly was trashed with plastic drink cups and mismatched products on labeled tables. I’m hoping this year’s space is a little bigger not because last year’s was small by any means, but because it was such a popular sale that drew in swarms of hungry deal-seekers. The fastest way to get in is to RSVP using the email listed above and only bring your wallet/wristlet. Leaving your bags at home will help you bypass the line and into deeply discounted skincare heaven. Wear something with pockets so you can store your phone/wallet and keep as hands-free as possible.They will most likely provide a shopping bag for you to store your choices.

From the brand names they’ve dropped, I’ll expect some of gorgeous products that are currently on their website at unbelievable prices. It’s going to be so hard to pass up on most items but I’ll stay strong and only get things I’ve been dying to try like Kicho or Lagom products (their newer curations from this year). I also expect to see older/discontinued/about-to-expire products as this IS a sample sale after all. Even though P&L primarily sell skincare, they also have a few color cosmetics (Club Clio and Peripera). For makeup, there will probably be strict rules in not opening and swatching colors out of the box because of sanitary reasons (duh) but you know shoppers will do it anyway so be aware. There were testers set aside for these purposes so PLEASE use the testers!!!

This is everything I can remember off the top of my head as I’m furiously writing this post as soon as I received my email confirmation. Share this on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit if you think someone will enjoy this!


  • Ellora

    When do you recommend arriving for this event?

    • As early as possible because the best sellers might sell out first! From what I saw from their Racked fb live event, they brought more inventory this year than last year’s 2 day event combined. So there should definitely something left throughout the day! I would come as early as 7am to wait in line before the 8am opening. That’s dedication but the earlier, the better!

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