I’m back from the Peach & Lily 2nd Annual Sample Sale with day-of updates! I was invited as press and got to check out the sale five minutes before the mayhem! You can check out my Snapchat (@CCBEAUTYTHERAPY) and Instagram (@CECIBEAUTYTHERAPY) for LIVE footage as the sale unfolded this morning at 8am. There are new rules and flow process this year so click below read about my experience in order set your expectations!

Peach and Lily Sample Sale 2016 (COVER)

For location and shopping time details, click the announcement post for the address and list of confirmed brands.

The Line

There was a long line of skincare die-hards waiting as early as 6AM in order to be the first shoppers to pick the cream of the crop. Remember that there IS bag check and if you don’t have bags to check in, remember to get a black P&L shopping bag to carry your picks. They only allowed a maximum of about 40-50 shoppers at a time and each round of shoppers were allotted about 20 minutes to choose, decide and pay. Unfortunately this wasn’t announced to the very first group until the five minute warning on a mega-phone and I felt the panic when they had to sit down to go through their pile to make final (no refund) decisions. It was better managed after the first group left to pay and they started to give 10 minute and 5 minute warnings after that.

Wait time on the line varies when you get here! Non-peak times were 8am – 10am and it will surely get longer during lunch and around 5pm. P&L is doing everything possible to make this smooth so that everyone gets an opportunity to experience the sale. If there aren’t 20 time limits and people were allowed to stay there all day, then others are waiting impossibly long lines outside (which was the complaint last year). I feel like you can’t make everyone happy but this situation made the majority of shoppers happier than last time.


What worked last year was color-coated labels to differentiate different price points for each bottle. It made deciding and check out faster. Below are some products that are in that category from what I’ve seen (not a complete list). I quickly ran through the tables on my Instagram Stories, video is below. *Denotes that it was featured as Alicia’s Top pick on Racked’s Facebook Live video.

Gold & Silver

The most expensive labels were Gold ($35) and Silver ($22):

  • Lady&Skin – Yesulham Signature Care* (retail: $296) – Gold
  • Shangpree – S-Energy Long Lasting Concentrated Serum* (retail: $120) – Gold
  • Lady&Skin – La Vie En Rose Night Cream (Concentrated Caviar) (retail: $95) – Silver
  • Lady&Skin – OXYBRIGHT Overnight Masks – Silver
  • Lady&Skin – Royal Gold Snail Cream –  Silver
  • The Lotus – Essence (retail: $64) – Silver
  • Shangpree – Black Pearl Eye Patches* (retail: $60) – Silver

Blue – $15

Tons of Blue coded items were available at $15

  • Cremorlab Snow Falls Melting Cream, Snow Falls Waterfull Serum, Essence Tonic, Shadow-off Eye Cream, Mineral Treatment Essence, O2 Bubble Energizing Mask
  • The Lotus (see my picks below)
  • Be The Skin Power Toner and Cream and Nutrition Toner and Cream
  • Aromatica Toners* and Serums
  • Lagom Cellus Sunscreen, Moisture Creams
  • May Coop Raw Moisturizer, White Water Cleanser
  • Kicho Lanolin Sheep Oil Cream*
  • Tosowoong Timeshift First Essence AP Therapy
  • Dr. Dream Rose Powder Cleanser, Bubble Clay Pack

Orange – $10

  • Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser, Intensive Barrier Serum, Emulsion and Cream, Intensive Barrier 3-piece kit, Skin power Original 94.5% Galactomyces First Essence, UV Mild Sunblock SPF 35 PA ++, Let Me Out Bye Bye Blackhead 3-Step Kit, Snail Repair Eye Cream, Pore Peeling Toner
  • 24/7 – 2 Piece Honey Color Tint Balm*
  • May Coop White Water Cleanser
  • Caolion Original Clay Pack
  • Olivarrier  Dual Moist Toning Lotion pH 5.5,
  • Cremorlab Tonic Essence, Snow Falls Facial Mist, Snow Falls Whipping Cleanser
  • The Lotus Lemon Facial Mist (the Camelia one is $6)
  • Aromatica – Orange Blossom Toner (Lavender was not spotted at the time I went)
  • Langom – Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser*

Yellow – $6

  • Mizon Blemish Stick, Dry Oil, Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel, Multi-Enrish Dry Oil, Enjoy Fresh-On Time Sweet Honey Mask, and other various face creams
  • May Coop Mini Raw Sauce
  • Caolion Bab Pool Cool Water Cream Stick*, White Cake Cool Water Cream Stick, Mucin’s Cream Water face cream, Pore Original Serum (Calming and Pore Tightening)
  • 24/7 Shimmer Cream*
  • Ariul Spa Water Mist
  • The Lotus Camelia Facial Mist
  • Dr. Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence*
  • Aromatica various haircare, Rosemary Thickening Shampoo, I’m True Natural Shampoo and Treatment (Conditioner), True Natural Hair Mist, 3 Piece Hand Cream set
  • Be The Skin White Musk Perfume Shower Gel
  • Nature SC Pearl Whitening Pack (8 individual packs)

Green – $3

  • Shangpree Avocado Sheet Masks, Green Tea Sheet Masks, HD powder pacts, HD Cover Liquid Foundations (Shade 21 only),
  • Dr. Dream Hand and Foot masks
  • Tosowoong Rice Paper Sheet Mask
  • Club Clio various makeup products, but limited stock of Art Lipsticks, Twistup Mascara, Twistup Brow Mascara, Lipnicure in various colors
  • Peripera Cushion Blushers, select colors of their Cushion Lips, Tint Lip Marker, Smoothie Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Kicho Phyto Refreshing Daily Sheet Masks
  • Mizon Correct Combo Pact, Correct Combo Lipsticks and Lip Gloss (limited shades), Intensive Barrier Eye Cream, Correct Combo Eyeshadow (in Silver only),
  • Aromatica Hand Creams

The Stock

At first glance, it seemed that there was less stock than last year as there are about 10 -11 tables full of product. While there seems to be less variety of brands, there are more quantities of it. For example, the super-hyped brands like Cremorlab, May Coop, Shangpree, IOPE, Son & Park, Moonshot and Caolion were all sold out last year if you didn’t get to the sale before lunch time. This year, these brands are being restocked by a rep behind the table so there’s a steady stream of star products. You won’t need to shark attack someone for eyeing the same bottle of cleanser as you are. If there was something you can’t find, it was worth asking the rep to see if there was a fresh box of it. There new items that occasionally popped up as the day progressed so it depends in which 20 minute window you arrive to much annoyance of the earlier die-hards. Not everything was stocked in the morning but after all, this is a sample sale where anything goes. I can’t be mad at P&L when I’m still getting a majority of these products at almost 80% off (!!!!).

All makeup (that wasn’t from the 24/7 brand) was on the back, right-hand side where the Green $3 tables were and most were from Club Clio. There were some foundations from Shangpree but only in the #21 shade and some BB cushions from Mizon. Color cosmetics was a snooze for me. I didn’t by any makeup from the $3 table because I’m all good in the Club Clio and Peripera department.

Skincare Brands & Picks

Skincare is the star of this sale and you will NOT be disappointed! Popular, hyped brands made a return from last year, please refer to my photo dump for close-ups! Alicia show cased her picks on Racked’s Facebook Live video the night before the sale here but below are MY picks.

The Lotus

The Calming Serum (retail: $52; sale: $15) Essence (retail: $64; sale: $15) and Essence Lotion (retail: $52; sale: $15) were all in my shopping bag. I’m MOST excited to try this brand because this brand uses lotus lead extract instead of water essentially making the line a waterless product full of antibiotics and flavinoids that help combat aging. I got all three because I like layering products to give my skin the hydration it needs on different days. The order of application would start with the Essence (as it’s most watery and would penetrate on your skin better), then Serum then Essence Lotion to seal it. While you’re at it, throw in a facial mist because I just tried the camelia water one and it’s AMAZING. It immediately absorbed onto my parched skin and gave it a bouncy, smooth touch. The results were instantaneous! The Lotus Leaf and Lemon mist (retail: $33; sale: $10) and Lotus Leaf and Camelia Mist (retail: $33; sale: $6) were there separately or can be bought as a set for $15. Did I already say these prices are INSANE?!


Lagom is a newly curated product from P&L and although Alicia demonstrated using their Cellup Gel To Water Cleanser on Racked’s Facebook live video, my favorite pick is their Lagom Not Too Little, Not Too Much Broad Spectrum Cellus Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA+++. This is chemical sunscreen that Alicia said has been making waves in Korea. They love this sun screen over there and the Lagom brand knows that we’ll love it here in the states too! These are 50ml each and marked at an unbelievable $15 each! Alicia gave me the inside scoop that this isn’t even up on their website yet (!) so it’s a truly exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come at P&L. I have no idea what this may retail for but I was already sold  at the $15 price point for a non-greasy, non-whitecast and completely wearable everyday sunscreen. I hoarded 5 bottles because they also expire in 2019! For those curious, the active ingredients are Octinoxate 7.00%, Octocrylene 5.00% and Octisalate 4.00%.

May Coop

The May Coop Raw Sauce is at Sephora right now retailing for $43 for the full size 5.07 oz. bottle and $14 for the 1.35 oz bottle. The sale has the mini Raw Sauce bottle for $6 in the back table. These were getting snatched up quickly but you can ask to see if there are more because the reps have to labeled them with color-coated stickers. I bought the mini one from Sephora to test and I love the thicker consistency it has than a normal essence. In Asia, essences are meant to be the first step after cleansing/toning and are supposed to be watery so it can absorb on your skin. Although this is thicker, it applies well and doesn’t drip. It also absorbs quickly! My skin is bouncy and alive after using this. I just love it.

Payment/Waiting To Check Out

I forgot to bring cash this year! They held two separate lines for cash and credit but thankfully the lines were so much smoother and faster than last year. They doubled the amount of cashiers on hand and kept moving people to pay in 20 minute sessions so it wasn’t a fire hazard waiting to happen! I wished the rep who handled my purchase was more careful because she literally turned my bag sideways and everything tumbled out. Many items were glass and I had to tell her to please be gentle.  I waited maybe 20 minutes to pay rather than 1.5 hours compared to the first sample sale. All in all, I had a much better experience than last year and I’m clearing out all my future August months for the Peach & Lily sample sales for life.

Gallery Photos

For all the eye candy you need, click through for the adventure!


Did you attend the sample sale? What did you think of it? What did you haul? I love hearing about your favorite picks! If you have any other questions or comments, click below to drop a comment and I’ll be sure to reply!


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  • I wish I could go to NYC! I would love to hit up Peach and Lily. I love your write-up about it.

    I’m so mad that somehow I have managed to delete your comment on my little guide! I wanted to click ‘reply’ but somehow I clicked the delete icon, so I just want to say have a great time in Japan when you go 🙂 I’m sure you will have an absolute blast and try not to go too crazy in the skincare department!

    • Thanks! The P&L Sample Sale is truly EPICCC! I think I’ll do a Japan haul post too! I never did one for Taipei because I just started the blog after I came back and it just never happened. I still have BOXES of unopened sheet masks from that trip last year!