Photo Tour: Jill Stuart at Harujuku and Narita Airport

Photo Tour: Jill Stuart at Harujuku and Narita Airport

You may have heard Jill Stuart the clothing brand but did you know she also designs a beauty line made of all my childhood dreams of lace and floral? The cosmetics line is my inner girly on steroids and what makes it even more covetable is that the line is not widely available in the United States – you can only order it online however there are many counters in Japan where you can test and swatch colors. Thoughtful touches like pavé crystals, gem-shaped lipstick bullets, built-in flip-top mirrors, and even a chain attaching your brush to your compact makes me drool over these products. It comes at a pretty penny though because a lip gloss will set you back about $42 USD if you get it shipped within America but it’s 2,500 Yen in Japan (about $22 USD). To own one of these pretties, you can buy these tax-free in the many Japanese locations and in the Narita Airport.

Getting There/Location

Jill Stuart Beauty & Party
4-30-3 3F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001
Tel : 03-3470-2727

Walking distance from the touristy Harujuku area/Takeshita street.

6-10-1 B1F Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
Tel : 03-6264-5543

Get off the Ginza stop and it’s right across the street from the giant Uniqlo, can’t miss it.

Narita Airport
There is a Fa-So-La Cosmetics and Perfumery in all 3 airport terminals
Fa-So-La Pre-Order Link for Airport Pick-up and browse here to see duty-free prices


Jill Stuart Beauty, for some reason unbeknownst to me, is available in-store in Asia but they seem to offer USA shipping on an US-only ecommerce site however prices are JACKED UP compared to Asian retail prices. It would be an advantage to buy your lil pretties duty-free in Asia as you would save 18% – 40% markup! Here are some of my picks with US and Japanese Yen prices for comparison. I prefer to buy something with color rather than base makeup if I’m going to splurge on luxury cosmetics so my selections reflect that.


  • Lip Blossom with Built-in Mirror on the cap. USA only $42; Japan 2,800 Yen (converts to $25)
  • Mix Blush Compact with attached Blush & cap. USA only $58; Japan 4,500 Yen (converts to $40)
  • Velvet Crystal Eyes Palette. USA only $54; Japan 5,000 Yen (converts to $44)
  • Forever Juicy Oil for lips. USA only $42; Japan 2,800 Yen (converts to $25)

Furthermore, there is also more selection and limited edition colors/products from Asia. You can also buy special sets that offer much better value than buying products a la carte. Here are a few I picked out for myself.

  • Crystal Lucent Face Powder, Asia only: 5,000 Yen (converts to $44)
  • Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow, limited edition: 2,200 Yen (converts to $20)
  • Tweed Collection, includes eyeshadow palette, face powder, Airy Tint Watery CC Cream and Glossy Balm: 7,500 Yen (converts to $66) – a really good value!
  • Pajama Party Collection A, includes face powder, eye shadow palette, Kittenish Eye Liner, Jelly Lip Gloss: 7,500 Yen (converts to $66) – ugh, I really want this set!
  • Ribbon Couture Eyes: 5,000 Yen (converts to $44)

Photo Tour

Finally here is the photo tour of the Jill Stuart Beauty & Party store in the Tokyu Plaza location. It’s on the 3rd floor of the mall and you can see its window on the corner window from across the street if you’re coming from Takeshita Street.

I ended up not making a purchase because I decided it wasn’t worth the money personally. I had already bought Canmake lip glosses for the fraction of the price and decided that I was going to leave Jill Stuart Beauty on my wishlist whenever I’m back in Japan. I tried the Forever Juicy Oil as that was going to be my prize I bring back home but there was no pigmentation as it’s supposed to be a sheer product. Then I tried the unbelievably girly Lip Blossom Lipstick that has the ultra cute and functional flip-top mirror on the cap. While the lipstick melted on my lips and felt amazing, I also decided that it was a product I can leave on my wishlist. It’s much more economical to buy a makeup set collection as 7,500 Yen for 4-5 products is  great value!

Tokyo-Japan-Shopping-Guide_Jill-Stuart-Beauty-and-Party Tokyu Plaza

I took the liberty of trying on their nail polishes. Try out swirling those cheek blush quads too.

Mmmm. Nail color selection.

Ugh, sorry for the crappy lighting but look! fluffy face powders!

Perfumes to try.

My #1 thing to test was the Forever Juicy Oil! I was going to buy this but in the end I decided it was too expensive for what it was.

Narita Airport – Jill Stuart Counter

Jill Stuart Beauty is available at the Fa-So-La Duty Free Stores which are in all three airport terminals at Narita. It was so easy to find and they had special travel exclusives that aren’t offered in the stores. Also if you already know what you want, you can pre-order all duty-free goodies using the Fa-So-La links and pick it up at the airport! Here are the links again and read through the shopping guide so you understand how to pick up your items! Fa-So-La Pre-Order Link for Airport Pick-up and browse here to see duty-free prices.

Spotted at Narita! Small but mighty section.

Travel exclusive lip balms and hand creams.

Hand Cream Set is 4,900 Yen.

Clean testers at Narita.


Jill Stuart Beauty display at Narita Airport

Nail polishes on top. Mix Blush Compact was 3,800 Yen on the first shelf below compared to 4,500 Yen in store.

Travel Exclusive Lip Blossoms, set of 3 for 6,500 Yen compared to 8,400 Yen if bought individually.

More travel exclusive prices. Mix Compact Blush for 3,800 Yen and a different Blossom Lipstick set of 3 called the Doll Up Collection probably also 6,500 Yen.

This entire set includes skincare and is 13,300 Yen (about $122)


More popular mix blush compacts at 3,800 Yen (about $33 compared to $58 on the USA only site). Portable blush brush included!


Have you bought anything from Jill Stuart Beauty? Do you recommend anything in particular? Worth the splurge?