Warning: Photo dump post/cosmetic porn ahead.

I’ve been living in Chinatown/LES Manhattan for almost 3 decades and I’ve seen my neighborhood transform from humble mom and pop shops to retail giants and new condo developments moving in. Before Asian beauty products ever came to the attention of Westerners, local Chinatown pharmacies and facial places would stock up on our home country’s beauty essentials.

I noticed that an old supermarket favorite, New Kam Man, has been getting a lot of attention because of it’s heavenly second floor of Asian beauty goods where I used to peruse in high school (more for the Hello Kitty products). They first opened in the early 1970’s as the largest Asian supermarket and operate 3 floors of beauty, food and home/kitchen goods. I went to Yelp to see if anyone has done this place any justice and while there were only a FEW photos of the beauty selection, it doesn’t give someone a good idea of all the offerings or price points. So, I went to do a visit and came back with drool-worthy EYECANDY. Check out my photo dump after the jump! 

New Kam Man, 200 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

If you need a point of reference, the entrance to Little Italy is on Mulberry and Canal and it’s in between Mulberry and Mott Street. **EDIT 5/4/15** I went back 2 weeks later to retake some photos and add more since I realized there were STILL some things I missed! I missed the entire Haba Labo section, My Beauty Diary wash-off packs and non-sheet masks items and looked closer into LuLuLun sheet masks from Japan. Enjoy the revised entry!

 photo IMG_3523_zpsrqhwejoa.jpg

Another angel of the store, walking from the 6, N, R train station on Canal Street.

 photo IMG_3524_zps9dzcxpmp.jpg
The window display give you a sneak preview of the second floor. Hada Labo, DHC, Kracie, Dolly Wink, Shisheido…

 photo IMG_3525_zps9lhe2djm.jpg
My Beauty Diary masks spotted!

 photo IMG_3526_zpsbepcvhzb.jpg
And if you love Hello Kitty knick knacks too.

 photo IMG_3527_zpsspf9wvp1.jpg
Once you enter the doors, go straight up to the second floor!  Stairway to heaven!

 photo IMG_3528_zpshqfhw46p.jpg
Yepp!  Pure Smile masks front row and center!

 photo IMG_3529_zpsishziazm.jpg
There were grab bags they were selling, but I wouldn’t gamble on these.  Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner sets underneath.

 photo IMG_3530_zpsbyqdxguj.jpg
$1.99 each. Pure Smile CHOOSY lip masks and point pads

 photo IMG_3531_zpscm3uetqf.jpg
$1.99 Pure Smile sheet masks. I got the Milk Series!

 photo IMG_3532_zpswlbjmbx7.jpg
Its Skin Power 10 ampoules, $18 and $21.50 depending on which type.

 photo IMG_3695_zps59m2vb1y.jpg
It’s Skin masks, $4.95 is pricey.

 photo IMG_3533_zpsbynhi6cx.jpg
YES. My Beauty Diary WALL.  Sorry for the blurriness. Closeup of prices below.

 photo IMG_3537_zpsqo7hiif0.jpg
Special, buy 3 boxes for $32.99.

 photo IMG_3534 1_zps3qhwu2yt.jpg
Newest MBD series of sheet masks. 2-Step Masks, Lifting Line Masks, and Eye Patch Masks.

 photo IMG_3535_zpskexi6voj.jpg
Also, popular Japanese sheet masks to the left of the MASK WALL.

 photo IMG_3696_zpstejqdmin.jpg
This 2-Step Mask is not the type with the packet of serum that you spread onto your face beforehand, instead it looks like it comes with cream for AFTER you use the mask. I got excited until I read the box.

 photo IMG_3538_zpsqjt1bc1b.jpg
The 2-Step masks were on sale for $10.99 each.  I might go back and grab a box…

 photo IMG_3539_zpsf8k0xeex.jpg
2-piece V-Up masks, $16

 photo IMG_3697_zpsxtixic7d.jpg
The $7 is for something else, this special “Top Selling Set” is $9.99

 photo IMG_3698_zpszjerzxer.jpg
oOohhh. These My Beauty Diary masks series were featured the popular Korean Beauty show, “Get it Beauty” in 2013. These are going for $20 on ebay and Beauteque but they’re only $9.99 here! The show recommended the Grommage Peel and the Honey Heating one.

 photo IMG_3728_zpsyc0iesp3.jpg
I want to look up some more reviews before buying one but it’s definitely a consideration. The ingredients look packed full of good skin savers!
 photo IMG_3705_zpsjz2rooq8.jpg
My Beauty Diary makes their own Cleansing Water too! And Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub. Have no idea if these are recommended but I have homework now!

 photo IMG_3536_zpsxr7bn8aq.jpg
All the way to the end of the wall, you’ll notice that you can buy masks individually so you can try before getting a whole box.

 photo IMG_3703_zps4xevdhys.jpg

Yikes, this is what that white glare was because.  Never heard of this brand, HABA HABA? Are they a big deal?  Seems like it if they have their own lighted part of the aisle…

 photo IMG_3704_zpsgoeoto23.jpg

Same with this brand, Ozeki Macerage. Very pricey.
 photo IMG_3699_zpsqnzhklhl.jpg

Kracie sheet masks are apparently No.1 best selling in Japan.

 photo IMG_3700_zpspvvm4hhs.jpg

These Kracie 3-D masks are also worth a try.

 photo IMG_3701_zpsfbhjcetw.jpg

Sheet masks by the bulk!  30 sheet masks in one pack!

 photo IMG_3702_zpslelqmhzi.jpgTry out ONE mask if you’re not sure about how you’ll react.

 photo IMG_3540_zpsbrfdcfrm.jpg
Hair colorings

 photo IMG_3541_zpsgczpyyob.jpg
Popular Japanese sheet masks by the bulk. There are maybe 30-40 in each resealable and because this saves on packaging, these are way cheaper than buying individually sealed masks but more germaphobic people might not like it. I wouldn’t have a problem with these but I’d want to check out the ingredients first.
More of the bulk sheet masks in resealable bags.

 photo IMG_3706_zpsjxshiuae.jpg

These LuLuLun sheet masks were really hyped up in Asia. I read reviews and there were some complaints on how fast these dried out and how thin the sheets were to pull out (and they would tear) but other reviews said that leaving it on for 10-15 minutes is instructed (not for 30-40 mins) and they had no problems with managing the sheets out of the bags.  Only way to know is to buy and try! These $6.99 bags have 7 sheets in them and nearby they have the LuLuLun mini box packs with 30 – 40ish of them!

 photo IMG_3707_zpsbl9hhu3r.jpg

 photo IMG_3708_zpsr1hh1qjp.jpg

Here are the LuLuLun big packs at $23.99  photo IMG_3544_zpsaxkujsgs.jpg

Korea’s #1 sheet mask brand, Leaders Insolution in the house!  $25 a box or you can buy individually to just try the different types! Ranges from $2.50 – $3.50 each.  Great way to try then buy (in bulk).

 photo IMG_3545_zpsamythihy.jpg

 photo IMG_3546_zpsjmtggclp.jpg
Japanese heating foot patches for those tired arches!

 photo IMG_3712_zpspqhtxdta.jpg
How did I miss this HUGE Hada Labo display!!!! OMG.

 photo IMG_3713_zpsa0tecj7w.jpg
Nice, they have this helpful sign.
 photo IMG_3714_zps2cvlteux.jpg
 photo IMG_3715_zpsiu9l0gll.jpg
 photo IMG_3716_zpsxlv5jrzi.jpg
 photo IMG_3717_zpsqdm7vd3c.jpg

 photo IMG_3547_zpsnjln4uzx.jpg
More from Japan.  I’m interested in this SANA Honeyshca product… I’ll look up some published reviews for this.
 photo IMG_3718_zpsyefjx8al.jpg
More Honeyshca.

 photo IMG_3548_zpsy3z0albf.jpg
Some more popular facial cleansers from Japan. I had the Age Care one, brand is called Mandom Bifiesta

 photo IMG_3549_zpsymeg3bp8.jpg
A small wall of select BB creams and below are miscellaneous lotions

 photo IMG_3550_zpsfew9wyxe.jpg
More foot masks.

 photo IMG_3711_zpsbwuetamr.jpg
Choice of makeup isn’t really good. Come here for skincare, sheet masks and hair care for sure.

 photo IMG_3710_zpsr8ynyozj.jpg

 photo IMG_3551_zpsikqqijrq.jpg
Missha BB creams, $30 each. Test your shade!

 photo IMG_3552_zpsjm1ilskw.jpg
Dr. Jart – $39.99 – $44.99

 photo IMG_3554_zpsyimnjnvt.jpg
IPKN – $35 – $38

 photo IMG_3555_zpsah7xvwua.jpg

 photo IMG_3556_zps0khuu6oi.jpg

 photo IMG_3557_zpsvvvdy6il.jpg

 photo IMG_3558_zpsknxxnvnp.jpg
Japanese brand, KOSE

 photo IMG_3559_zpser4pkido.jpg

 photo IMG_3560_zpsb89j2tko.jpg
Ugh, too blurry sorry but SHAMPOOS!

 photo IMG_3709_zpsvathgvyn.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zpsnhz7mkkl.jpg

 photo IMG_3562_zpsfu846gqy.jpg

 photo IMG_3563_zpsgrn4w8tz.jpg

 photo IMG_3564_zpsvue3xrpm.jpg
I like these try’on lash wands, but be careful so it doesn’t actually touch your eyes…

 photo IMG_3565_zpsiwr3p3x7.jpg

 photo IMG_3566_zpsubktsr7o.jpg
Dolly Wink

 photo IMG_3722_zpshvfx99cd.jpg
Famous Isehan Heroine Kiss Me Mascara from Japan (fiber mascara) – Volume and Curl or Long and Curl – make sure you read the label with the price! OR at least know the difference between the pink vs purple packaging! If you can wait to go to Japan to haul these, I would wait… $19.99 is expensive.

 photo IMG_3721_zpsgd3fjdvl.jpg
They don’t have a black version of this Fairy Drops mascara – this one is a SILVER GREY!!!

 photo IMG_3568_zpsxa7n4szw.jpg

 photo IMG_3569_zps7iw1w4vt.jpg

 photo IMG_3570_zps72ee7wvo.jpg
World famous Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil on sale for $16.99, that bottle is the tester size, the real bottle is the nicer tapered bottle pictured on the blue card.

 photo IMG_3571_zps2aw2irun.jpg
Shiseido’s Perfect line, be warned though that the Perfect Whip line has a pH of 8.

 photo IMG_3572_zpsgmzjg6z6.jpg
Another cult favorite, Cure’s Peeling Gel.

 photo IMG_3573_zpsjfedapay.jpg

 photo IMG_3574_zpsy7abtldf.jpg

Skin Food’s most popular scrubs and wash-off packs at $19 though, it’s overpriced in my opinion.

 photo IMG_3575_zpscjaqcpmq.jpg

Men’s hair product. Don’t ask me which is good, I haven’t used these and I’m not familiar with these but it makes me curious to look into the reviews.

 photo IMG_3576_zpsiurt4kdd.jpg

Nose Care

 photo IMG_3577_zps1apokvai.jpg

Beauty tools photo IMG_3578_zps9nyi8mjh.jpg

 photo IMG_3579_zpsgzk2sj50.jpg

Charcoal Konjac sponges, velcro hair holders, beauty sponge replacements and pumice stones.   photo IMG_3580_zps9iqqpmed.jpg

 photo IMG_3581_zpssvom457x.jpg

Bubble makers

 photo IMG_3583_zpszahyuaih.jpg

MEDIHEAL MASKS!!!  Looks like $21.99 for a box of 5

 photo IMG_3584_zpsgdlogtja.jpg

 photo IMG_3585_zpshkznuq7b.jpg

DUP Wonder eyelid tape that comes with an “eye-opening” wand. Looks like a bestseller.

 photo 2971dc36-209b-4ccc-828d-3573268f071d_zps8oeupakr.jpg

This Bioderma Cleansing Water looked like a big deal to me even though the packaging is quite plain. So I took the time to look up some reviews, Beautiful Buns and Paula’s Choice reviewed it both with two thumbs way up.

 photo IMG_3587_zps7iigklmc.jpg

A whole aisle bumper of It’s Skin!  The Prestige Snail and Ginseng family is here! Non-blurry pics below.

See the entire It’s Skin line here, English site.

 photo IMG_3588_zpsdcbg9zhi.jpg

 photo IMG_3589_zpsmfo8x7qd.jpg

 photo IMG_3590_zps08aggpmf.jpg

It’s Skin Mini Bebe hand lotions $3.95

 photo IMG_3592_zpsnovrdnnt.jpg

Naisture masks?  I can’t even read my own photos… $12.95 for a pack of 10 (?) don’t quote me on that.

 photo IMG_3593_zps3zgpqgzi.jpg

It’s Skin YE Effector and Toner (the one with Yeast Extracts) photo IMG_3594_zpsxfxflmmg.jpg

It’s Skin Mimi Bebe Facial Mists $8. Ugh, blurriness!! Mind you, if you didn’t count, there are over 100 pictures here!!!

 photo IMG_3595_zps7fhuc6cj.jpg

I really want to try these new Butterfly Eyes masks!!!!! On the Korean etailer sites that ship from Korea, it’s only 1,000 KRW (less that $1 USD). photo IMG_3596_zpsuagbkxzm.jpg

Great range of Japan’s long standing brand, DHC. I remember getting their paper catalog when I was in high school 15 years ago and trying their cleansing oil for the first time – yepp, it’s been around for THAT long.  photo IMG_3597_zpsgvsir48x.jpg

DHC’s cult favorite cleansing oil from Japan in the green box and marked as a must have item is at $27.99 for 6.7 fl. oz. (200 mL).  The smaller size next to it is at $12.50

 photo IMG_3598_zpspnqrgaru.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpshgyo310f.jpg

More It’s Skin creams.

 photo IMG_3600_zpsxxmq6cp0.jpg

More It’s Skin Power 10 Toner and Emulsion

 photo IMG_3601_zpscseucocy.jpg

I remember seeing this brand, Onl, when I was in Korea – no brainer that this must be the store’s bestseller.  Potato is surprisingly a really good ingredient for skin, I mentioned it in my Clio store visit. photo IMG_3602_zpsn6xgtyrq.jpg

I guess this is a really good brand for sun block?  I never personally heard of it.  photo IMG_3603_zpsnyfelh2y.jpg

 photo IMG_3604_zpsntbz2tfz.jpg

More high end masks from that Naisture brand from before.  I should research more on this brand and well as the brand below it, Herborist.

 photo IMG_3605_zpsvu6au4xg.jpg

Whoops, hey, I tried. photo IMG_3606_zpszzxj92c8.jpg

It’s Skin foaming cleansers – $6 for a reason, the forums say these have really high pH of 8. If you have normal skin, you may be able to handle these but not dry skin.

 photo IMG_3607_zpss0ayp8xa.jpg

It’s Skin Blackhead Clear line more info found on their official site

 photo IMG_3608_zpsawatbcgu.jpg

It’s Skin Aloe line photo IMG_3609_zpsxzhco2rr.jpg

Founding rounding out of the store, Kracie, a Japanese drugstore line. photo IMG_3610_zpsm5gijgu4.jpg

Hmmm Sana Miss Eve Baobab Oil. I have baobab oil for my hair. Looks like this Super Lift Baobab Oil is facial oil?  Interested to research more into this. photo IMG_3611_zpsgvoj23xf.jpg

This captured my attn as the store made an effort to show case it. I can’t read the signage to get a name but I’ll go back and retake a pic.

 photo IMG_3723_zpstx8zcfvu.jpg

 photo IMG_3724_zpsdn6z2u5j.jpg
Again, never heard of this KOSE line of skincare called Sekkisei but it’s expensive stuff. I have a whole lot of other skincare I rather buy and try first before I ever get to this but hey, I’ll always know it’s here.

 photo IMG_3725_zpsapcvuvrc.jpg
 photo IMG_3726_zpsshnhzylc.jpg

Finally! That is the end of the photo tour!!!!!!!!!!  This post has over 100 photos of eye candy and I thought I would help everyone by giving you the best idea of what they stock here! I came out with some Pure Smile sheet masks as I couldn’t help resist their Milk line, $1.99 each. I didn’t need anything at the moment but after some research on some “new-to-me” products, I might come back for more.

 photo IMG_3689_zpsgvyrwcfz.jpg

If you’re DONE with looking at beauty, go downstairs to the main floor and buy some Asian snacks!  They have Cafe Du Monde coffee, shrimp chips, Bin Bin rice crackersgreen tea Pocky Sticks as well as the Japanese Kit Kats (green tea and strawberry) at decent prices.

Even though New Kam Man has always been in my hood, I always have a reason to go back and check out their newest arrivals and support local business before this store also gets pushed out from high rent or big developers. Scroll down to see my K-BEAUTY SHOPPING GUIDE IN CHINATOWN, NYC.

 photo IMG_3612_zpsf8w9iijs.jpg

 photo IMG_3614_zpsntbdwzfe.jpg

 photo IMG_3622_zpsttdwbzkv.jpg

 photo IMG_3621_zps0fzdu3pk.jpg

 photo IMG_3623_zpsqzm2adbv.jpg


If you’re making an effort to come to Chinatown for K-beauty/Asian Beauty shopping visit these other stores that are in the same area. I’ve listed it in this particular order for best efficiency if you’re coming out of the Canal Street subway station 6, N, R, Q or Z trains. I plan to keep adding to this guide and eventually make a map for easier routing. Bookmark/subscribe to my blog for updates!

  • I was looking for this place last year when I was in NYC! I took a wrong turn somewhere and never found it, and now I wish I had. I didn’t know there’s a whole floor of all these goodies! Had I known, I would’ve searched harder for this store.
    The Cure’s Aqua Gel might be my favourite peeling gel ever. I bought two bottle of it while I was in Hong Kong last winter. And I also love It’s Skin’s Power ampoules. They’re great. Thanks so much for sharing this gem! Now I know where to go the next time I’m in New York. 😉

    • You’re welcome! I know, it can get really stressful since it’s on such a busy street with sidewalks being shared by other fruit/food vendors. It’s great to let your eye soak in on the sights but we also have the power of online shopping to get (almost) anything shipped to us!

  • What?! I used to live right around the corner from this place and never knew it was so amazing! It doesn’t look like much from the outside..

    • Yep! If you pay attention to those Chinatown pharmacy window displays, they’ll display My Beauty Diary masks and some facial cleansers so it usually indicates that there are some more beauty items to browse inside. I never thought this was ever a “big deal” until Asian cosmetics started disrupting the American beauty scene!


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