I was merely on my way to the subway station on Canal Street until I see Grand Opening store signage: TONY MOLY on Walker Street. WAHHHH?!?!?! When did THIS happen? I quickly popped in to interrogate the poor Sales Assistant. Why didn’t I know?! All these Korean mainstream beauty shops have been opening up like mad in the past year and none of them market their grand opening dates! Bloggers find out in some way or another and news slowly trickles down to the online community but by the time it gets to us, we miss their grand opening specials and no one’s happy! Argh!


I did my due diligence and I’m posting another delicious photo dump tour of the shop and asked the SA which items have been madly popular, about to sell out, grand opening specials and if there are any new items coming in. This Tony Moly has been opened for 2 months already (sounds like mid-Feb?). Click to view the cosmetic/skincare porn. 

Firstly, here’s the address:
Tony Moly – Chinatown, 234-238 Canal St. Store #112, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212.685.8669

You’ll notice that the address says it’s on Canal Street however the actual storefront leading out to the street is on WALKER STREET this is because the little store (no bigger than the Koreatown location) is part of the New Land Plaza “mall” and so this is really the address to New Land Plaza – see below for the exact location in my pictures.


You’ll see there’s a tiny little sign on the left of the green awning advertising Tony Moly’s grand opening special but I didn’t even SEE that in my photos until I was drawing out my circle and happen to notice it last minute. =___=” In a crowded street like Canal, this doesn’t stand out at all!

IMG_3816Entrance to New Land Plaza. Go in and walk towards the back.

IMG_3766Store #112. You can see their windows face Walker Street (the street behind Canal).

IMG_3765Just to be thorough, this angle, I’m standing in front of the Nature Republic (which is on 151 Centre St.). Looking across Centre St, this the Walker St entrance to Tony Moly, after Lucky Stone Jewelry is a Pizza Shop then Tony Moly.

IMG_3732On Walker Street. You can KINDA see the Nature Republic store signage in the corner from here. Do you see it?

IMG_3731Door on Walker Street entrance. FUN! The store manager was nice enough to let me take detailed pictures.

IMG_3797The Kawaii wall! Sorry for the dark photos, the backlit wall is not good for taking photos.

IMG_3798Appletox hand creams, lip scrubs and lip essences, Banana hand milk and sleeping packs. Tomatox whitening massage packs. Newest items are the fruits lip balms: green apple, tomato, peach (sold out) in addition to the blueberry and cherry lip balms.

IMG_3799Coffee scrubs in a cute little mug container and the lid has a place for you to put your spatula!IMG_3800

Popular Black Sugar Mask/Scrub


Panda’s Dream whitening line. This is a new-to-me 300 gram giant squeeze tube of the whitening cream!  IMG_3802

Popular Egg series – the primer/balm in the golden case was here as well as the almost sold out egg pore tightening one in the beige case.IMG_3767

This is pretty much all of the store – I think it’s just a little roomier than the K-town one as the aisles were a little wider for someone else to walk past you. NYC real estate value is no joke!

IMG_3803Sheet masks.IMG_3804

Grand opening store specials: Take 20% off items in this area. The foot peeling packs are 1+1 with an additional 20% off so it’s a good buy. Summer’s coming and you can get smooth sexy feet now! The Wonder Butter tub along with the Snail Gel and Aloe Gels are 20% off. Up front are the egg pore facial soaps.


Popular Gold 24K Mask – this is almost sold out.

IMG_3776Store special: Purchase over $100 and get this entire gift bag free.


The Timeless Placenta Line! This has the VIBRATING face pod to absorb the cream better and gives your face a slight massage!!!! IMG_3774

 The vibrator and its button.


The Intense Snail lineIMG_3772

The newer Ferment Snail line


 Pocket Bunny Perfume Bars and Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base and So Cool Eye Stick. The panda sticks are currently SOLD OUT in Sephora!

IMG_3768A Duty-Free exclusive inside the store! The Gold Snail cleansing bar!



If you’re a fan of BANANAS!  The Sleeping Pack and Hand Milk are here. I asked if they carry the Banana Dalcom Lip Balm and the manager said that they will order it soon!


7 Days Tattoo Liquid Eyebrow PencilIMG_3812IMG_3813IMG_3814IMG_3815



Tony Moly getting into the Galactomyces game.



Timeless Hydro Specialist vials – wonder if these are effective.


The Intensive Care Snail line – Toner and Emulsion setIMG_3788

Wildly popular Camel Milk and Horseyu (horse oil) Cream. The Horseyu is almost sold out!


 I spy Bubble Donkey Milk.


Of course, SPF section.


Men’s line on top.IMG_3786

Foundation compactsIMG_3785

Tony Moly has their own cushion compact that you can test. IMG_3784

Hmmm, I might go back and grab a Wonder Butter lotion tub… I didn’t notice it when I was there but now that I’m reviewing my pictures…IMG_3783



The updated Fruits Princess lip glosses are all here! They’ve been selling these like hot cakes.


Lip tints. IMG_3780

Ultra cute! This is practically what MAKES the Tony Moly brand! Gloss bunny bars, lip scrubs/essences and the new line of fruits lip balms. Also the Ferment Snail Lip Treatment is here (as well as the full line displayed on shelves).  The Peach lip balm is currently sold out.IMG_3779IMG_3778

Eye makeup!


Cute makeup bags

WHEW! I spent such a long time in there I was parched and when next door to my favorite BB Tea place, Kung Fu Tea for something refreshing! I talked to Carmin, a great SA who was able to tell me which items are popular and what is good for your skin type.

To be a savvy shopper, know your prices on the items that interest you the most before walking in. It might be cheaper to order through a Korean etailer if the overall USD price inflation is too ridiculous. Put the items you want in the cart of your chosen etailer (ebay, RoseRoseShop, TesterKorea or Korea Depart for example) and see how much your shipping costs would be in comparison to buying your items in store.

The store isn’t listed officially on the new Tony Moly US website yet but YES, THERE WILL BE AN OFFICIAL USA TONY MOLY ECOMMERCE SITEhttp://tonymolyus.com/

Stalk it for those not in New York City! Until next time, I’ll be out spying for new openings!

tonymolyus site


If you’re making an effort to come to Chinatown for K-beauty/Asian Beauty shopping visit these other stores that are in the same area. I’ve listed it in this particular order for best efficiency if you’re coming out of the Canal Street subway station 6, N, R, Q or Z trains. I plan to keep adding to this guide and eventually make a map for easier routing. Bookmark/subscribe to my blog for updates!

  • Hi, I was looking up information about the new Tony Moly stores in NYC when I stumbled upon your blog. I am also a New Yorker and found it fun to read about NYC and the beauty world we have here through your eyes. I’ll definitely be stopping by the CT store. Keep up the writing, I’ll be waiting for your future posts. =)

    • cecibeautytherapy

      Hi! Thanks for the sincere comment! It really does encourage us to keep writing because blogging for most of us is just an unpaid side gig and it’s so easy for us to get busy and lose sight of why we started in the first place. Yes I do have more posts I’d like to write about asian beauty’s presence here in NYC/America – thanks for following!!!

  • Hello!
    Thank you so much for this post!
    It’s good to see Korean beauty posts from the East coast. I live in Northern Virginia and I just discovered my region’s Korean town. They have a Tony Moly store and I bought some facial masks and now I’m addicted!! I used their Tomato one and it’s great!
    Have you ever used their skincare?
    I’m over 30 and finding a blog post that’s not written by 20 and younger is hard!
    So you have a new follower here!

    • cecibeautytherapy

      Thanks so much for the compliment! I haven’t used any of Tony Moly’s toners/emulsions yet because I was such a Missha fan girl in my twenties. Missha was readily available in the US and I haven’t heard of TM until two years ago on a trip to Korea. I do want to try TM’s Snail Fermented line soon (but I have a boxed set of the Missha Snail line waiting for me to finish once I’m done with their Super Aqua line! Told you I’m a fan girl – haha). My next purchase of interest is also The Face Shop’s “The Therapy” Anti-aging line that just hit shelves this past year. Oy I think I plan to just purchase trial kits so I can try these out and not feel tied to a line for 6 -8 months!

      TM items I have used are their “I’m Real” sheet masks that I will probably want to do a more in depth review on and I also bought the “Changing U” Mask Boxed set as well. Their cute little coffee scrub is waiting to be opened, of course their fruits lip balms (in cherry), I bought their new banana sleeping pack but I did NOT like the strong artificial banana smell. I read other reviews for it and others seem to love it but I cannot imagine such a strong banana smell on my face – so I sold this to someone else. Their Tomatox massage pack intrigued me but a utube review said the whitening effect is only temporary. Their Apple Peeling Gel was also of interest but I have other peeling gels to go through before getting this one. I also like TM’s eyebrow pencil (which I just got in my recent 3b box subscription), their Bunny Lip Glosses are solid everyday lip balms, and I have their 7 Day Eyebrow tattoo to try. Their Kiss Lover Lip Master lip stain is also GORG however I didn’t like the artificial grape smell all the colors had but it’s lovely texture, not sticky and a pigmented tint.


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