Event: Peach & Lily Announces Their 3rd Annual K-Beauty Sample Sale!

Event: Peach & Lily Announces Their 3rd Annual K-Beauty Sample Sale!

Oh my damn. I thought maybe the Peach & Lily K-Beauty Sample Sale wasn’t happening this year once August had ended as P&L typically hosts their mega sample sale event sometime in August. Thanks for a reader creeping on their Facebook Page for me, P&L answered a few inquiring commenters about the sale and had said that it was definitely happening in September, they were just waiting to tie up the last details. They finally disclosed the date, time and place last week on their Instagram and the biggest change is that it’s ONE DAY ONLY this year. Unfortunately, I will be in Greece and won’t be able to cover my favorite K-Beauty event (wahhh!). Click for full details and some tips I picked up from hardcore shopping during the first two years.



Address: 393 Broadway (and Walker Street), NYC, 10013
Date: Wed, 9/27
Time: 8AM – 8PM (or while supplies last)

You can take the N, Q, R, W, or 6 trains to Canal Street. It’s in the Tribeca area this time, bordering Chinatown (south of Canal Street). You can take the A, C, E trains too and get off at Canal, but it’s a bit further of a walk. The last two sales were closer to their offices near Herald Sq. where employees literally walked over to get more boxes of samples to sell seeing the impressive demand for skincare so I would not expect restocking of any kind especially since it is only ONE DAY and their IG caption forewarns their closing time with “or while supplies last”.

P&L K-Beauty Sample Sale Tips

Shameless Plug: Read My Previous Posts

Seriously, see my previous coverage posts on the sale from 2015 and 2016 for best idea of merchandise and pricing schedules. Also see Renee’s post from Beauty and The Cat who was also with me at the first sale although P&L have changed their sample sale game since their first one. They seem to be keeping with the color coded pricing stickers but calculate these on your phone and put them in similar color piles at the cashier to help them because I was charged an extra $15. This is a TRUE sample sale in that prices are ridiculously affordable and limited in stock. They implemented a 20 minute time limit last year and it will probably be the same in order to keep the lines moving and to give everyone a fair chance at shopping. Make sure you use your time wisely by following the rest of these tips below so you have a game plan.

Visit The P&L Website

Products currently on their website retailing for full price might be there! Last year’s biggest surprise was finding The Lotus, May Coop and Shangpree at the sale! After speaking with founder, Alicia Yoon at the sale, she told me that the brands working with them are so excited to bring their products to skin-fanatics that they offered NEW stock at sample sale prices. You’ll be hitting the jackpot and you might even get some previews of new things that haven’t even hit their website yet! Last year I was able to snag the Lagom Sunscreens for $15 each before it was even available online. You best believe I bought like four bottles (and my friend who finished hers loved it).

Pay Attention to Expiration Dates (or Manufacture Dates)

Some brands from the past two seasons had very good expiration dates and some didn’t (meaning their had manufactured dates from two years prior and only had about 6 months lifespan left). I’d check your current skincare stash now to evaluate what you can actually fit in and what can go in the back of your stash line-up. This would probably mean that buying something towards the end of the expiration isn’t a good idea unless you’re definitely going to use it right away. As stated prior, this IS a sample sale so while prices are also very tempting, you also have to be a smarter shopper. That said, there were also plenty of amazing products with very long shelf life! You can always ask an employee about the dates since they will probably be in Korean. This will be the best way to purge your basket and get your booty to the check-out line.


I’m so sad that I won’t be able to attend this year! I’ll try to watch my favorite NYC bloggers who will probably hit up the sale and get FOMO. I have plenty of skincare to play with anyway so this probably divine intervention. Please comment or ask questions below!